See you on the other side – By @LeonoreLeitner

By Leonore Leitner

See you on the other side


Time is slipping through my hands. I can’t believe our first portfolio day is in 2 weeks. All the alumni always told us how fast time will suddenly pass and it’s so true.


To only have that little amount of time left till our book has to be brilliant, till we blow away ECD with our ideas to get the job of our dreams is not only stressing me out, it seems somehow unachievable. 


And we are stuck. Since 3 weeks now we haven’t come up with anything good enough to put in our book. You can’t force good ideas and it is so frustrating. Before that we were on a run, smashing out loads of ideas we both really love and enjoyed working on. But since then we just don’t crack anything anymore. The fear of not getting any good ideas before we finish is making exactly that happen. Nothing we come up with is worthy. 


I am still relaxed when we take time for ideation, but it doesn’t help. Maybe because the stress is still there, unconsciously. 

While I’m really stressed, Coco on the other hand is so incredibly relaxed. Which is stressing me even more out. I don’t understand how she can be so relaxed, but I think I should have some of that and she should have some of my stress, otherwise we’re both just not enjoying things as much.


We’ve been in this situation before were we didn’t really got anywhere with our ideas and we also got out of it. This time I just don’t feel like there’s time till we get out of it, we have to be on it every day. But I guess that’s what’s stressing me out. I have to keep remembering that portfolio day is only the start. If we’re not good enough then, we still have time to improve afterwards. Obviously it would be great to have a brilliant book on portfolio day, but if not that doesn’t mean that we’ll never get a job at the agencies we love and I gotta remember that. 

Everyone keeps saying our book will change a lot till portfolio day, which raises my hope because I slowly start losing believe in our capability to create good strategies. I feel like I’m on a withdrawal, working on new campaigns is kind of addictive. You know when you cracked a brief and feel that pure pleasure of excitement about it, you never want to stop. It didn’t happen for too long now. 

I want new campaigns. New projects I’m crazy about, that I love and I’m proud to show people.

New stuff that I love so much I feel exited working on it. 


Stressing out about it won’t help though, so I’ll try to take on some of Cocos mentality and don’t stress so much. And I hope she’ll take on some of my stress

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