‘Settling Down’ by @SashaMidgley


By Sasha Midgley

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about settling down, finding that someone to start my creative career with and ultimately land a job together, at a great agency and live happily ever after.


It’s not a lot to ask and I think it’s fair to say that all Fat Penguins are wanting the same in their lives…


Some of us are slightly more ready for Adland, with vows taken and books coming together with beautifully crafted partnership names on the front, business cards and websites beginning to form.


And I am jealous.


Like any relationship, I think it’s important to be with someone you get on with, someone that you’ll be able to sit opposite every day and not be irritated by. Someone you can laugh with, and someone that you are proud to call the other half… aww.


I haven’t had a lot of experience with dating websites but as I’m still on the hunt for a partner I think it’s a good metaphor to analyse what I want and what I can offer.


I’m not overwhelmed by panic yet, statistically speaking about half of the room have found who they plan to be with, so cup half full I say, that’s still 15 eligible bachelors floating around the studio.


I am shamelessly using this SCAB space to reach out to people who might want to do a Metro brief or try a campaign together. I realise now that if this was a dating website I’d be coming across as slightly desperate… But I’m against the clock here people. Under 70 days until the main portfolio day.


For those in a similar situation as me, I think it’s important to remember that some of the best alumni teams partnered within the last couple of weeks of their SCA journey…


We just have to stay as calm as possible.


Come up with the best ideas as possible.


Work as hard as possible.


I want to create a support group for myself and other partnerless penguins, where we can come together to get through this confusing time.
Much like SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together) in About a Boy.
We can create a chant like this one.

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