Since I arrived in London @marionaulas

By Marion Aulas

Since I arrived in London, my brain has been so busy and overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to handle. So busy that I forgot (to be clear, forgot means I’m too tired) to have a « healthy » routine when I get home after school. And especially about food.
In fact, I’m someone who allows a big importance to what I eat. You are what you eat is to me a relevant sentence which applies to my lifestyle. Food is the fuel for your brain and your body. As sleep is. Sleep, eat, work(create) is my kind of motto.

First thing you need to know, I’m vegetarian, and I can say, almost vegan. Today is not the place to talk of all my motivations and reasons. Not that it will bother me, because I can talk about the reasons I’m vegetarian and debate it for literally hours (true story, hours). I’m saying you that because I think it’s an important thing that defines me and my values. It defines the person I am and for what I stand for in the world. What you eat has a huge importance on you on the way others see you. On others. On the world. The environment.

But today is about what eating do to yourself. I see people around me who doesn’t eat for all day until the evening. Or eat crisps and pizza every time, every day. Or eat at any time of the day. I feel very concerned by the way we eat because

The fact is, with me eating no meat, no fish, no milk, it’s harder to eat, buy food, cook. Since I arrived in London, in a shitty flat where my roommates, who never do dishes and clean after themselves, I just can’t. I don’t want to cook anymore. Besides, I don’t have all the stuff I need. I have also to do with the things I find in the mall, which is sometimes different from France. I don’t find everything I want. And to be honest, I don’t have time. SCA takes me all my time and energy.

But I feel sick. I feel weak. Because I don’t eat healthy here, and at any hours.

This is a SCAB of explanation and redemption to myself. I have to listen to my body and my brain. I have to feed my stomach as well as I feed my brain since I’m here. I have to take care of myself to be productive and effective every day.

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