Some do’s and don’ts for future SCA candidates – By @MalouStitz

By Malou Stitz


Some do’s and don’ts for future SCA candidates

We are now more or less half way through our course. We’ve had the pleasure of three interview days so far – with more to come. It’s also almost a year ago since I had my interview day. I remember I read a lot of these SCABs trying to find insights and little secrets of what to expect and what to do and not to. It was all very scary. As said, there are other SCABs about this subject, but as things are constantly changing, a 2017 refresher can’t hurt. 

If you’re considering joining SCA, you will probably have to go to an interview/selection day, or you might be lucky enough that you already know when you’re going. Here are some things to consider, some do’s and don’t and a few observations that I’ve made about the process of how to join us at SCA.


After you’ve applied on the website, the first step is a little phone chat with the crazy dean, Marc Lewis. He’s got this talent of reading people, even if you’re talking with him over the phone. So don’t lie and don’t be a twat. 

Just be yourself, show interest in the school, investigate the schools website, and ask questions. Oh and if you have a Skype meeting here’s a little tip: don’t spend time fixing your hair, make up and/or making sure all your dirty laundry has been put away. Don’t bother. It’s a non video call.

If you and Marc decide that SCA might be for you, you’ll be invited to the next interview day at the school. You’ll be asked to present a four minute presentation that tells us who YOU are. Don’t panic about this part. It’s important but it’s a piece of a bigger picture.

If you’re good at storytelling – show us. Tell YOUR story in an interesting way. If you’re super duper nervous about speaking in public maybe try and take focus away from you a little by having a physical object(s) with you. It’s not that big of a deal. Or well it is. But it’s “just” four minutes. Keep our attention for this short amount of time and you’ve done your best. You are already bringing something new to the school by being you. 

P.s Remember that it’s called interview DAY. Somebody is always watching. It doesn’t all rely on your presentation =)

And if your presentation has sound in it, I’d probably, if possible, show up a little earlier and talk with Ian, our head of craft to make sure it works. If sound fails under your presentation it’s not the end of the world. In fact, nine out of ten times it doesn’t work. So it’s no biggie, but it will help you relax more and take away some of your nerves, if it goes smoothly. 


When you get to the school you’ll be met by our lovely Honor. She’ll welcome you and give you for a little test to complete. Again it’s really nothing to worry about. It’s just to find out more about you and how you think. Then it’s presentation time. You’ll be presenting in front of the mentors who are in that day, and the students. We all love interview days and we want you to do your best (we promise we’ll always clap no matter how shit your presentation is <3). After you’ve all presented you’ll be given a small brief that you have to solve in small groups. While you work, Honor will introduce you to our mentors who you’ll have a little chat with. They are all lovely,  and they don’t bite. But they can smell bullshit a mile off. So again, be you, be interested in the school and have smart answers ready about why you want to join SCA. 

Once you’re done with it all, we meet again. Now, this time it’s your turn to interview us. You get a lovely chance to ask us anything you can think of. The more dirty or naughty the question the better. Marc loves a daring question, like if it’s true that Marc makes us dance if we’re late, or how many times we have cried. There’ll be beers and wine, so it’s all very nice and relaxed. 


A weeks time later or so, you’ll get a call from Marc giving you the best news in this world or the “I’m sorry, but…”. If it’s a yes, congratulations. You’ve done well. If it’s no, it doesn’t necessarily means a definitely no. It means a great learning for you and something to work on. If SCA is something that you really want, ask Marc why you didn’t get in, and/or phone him and ask for another chance. Marc loves to see passion.

I think that’s about it. I wish you all the best of luck if you make it to interview day. And if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to email me:

I hope this will help take some nerves away and hopefully you’ll now know a little more of what to expect.

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