Sometimes you just need a good old think. By @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten


Sometimes you just need a good old think.

Working with a partner (or even in a group) is super, it gets the creative juices whiz banging all over the place. 
It’s great. 
I don’t think you can beat it and I can’t imagine a better working day than the ones where Alicia and I just sit and talk nonsense for hours and hours. I mean I think I’ve spent more time with her than my mum.
But sometimes you have to stand back, sometimes you need a little space and time and a good old think.
At first we thought it was just getting out of the room that made us have better* ideas.
A little jog up the stairs or a nip to the shop or toilet and one if us miraculously comes back as a better creative. 
Comes back with something left of field that just pushes the thinking in a different way.
Then we thought it was the shorter hours. 
Evenings spent at home (mostly cause we are now far too poor to go anywhere after school) and less early mornings (kudos to Costa, land of the free) because my body decided it couldn’t handle that. 
But actually it’s not a coincedence. There’s something in it. Da-dah!
It’s the being alone-ness.
Because it’s actually impossible for two people to have one idea.
No matter how much you stare at each other and really really really hope you might get one in time to keep on top of your day schedule.
Two people can come up with a direction and follow a track. Two people can muse and laugh and interrogate the direction. Two people can talk about insights and see the situation with empathy. Two people can get you 99% of the way there.
But only one person can have a truly clear thought.
And then that one person can bring the thought to the table and let the whizz banging juice party begin again. 
And two people can execute and conjure and dream until the thought becomes a thing. 
And two people can think of a million ways to show it off in a snazzy** way.
Happy thinking!
* average to bearable 
** average to bearable 

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