Staying with the clan. – By @paboukratevans

Staying with the clan.

I want my friend close and my enemies closer.
Come say: “hi” someday, we could have some laughs.
I know that together we’re greater —
I’ll have some better graphs.
Racheal: Best questions of the class and best Portuguese too.
Aaron: Love winking at him and then touch my nipples.
Gigi: Can’t get enough of those English expressions, pal.
Alice: Favourite weirdo of the class.
Rolly: The most photogenic person of the class, good to take pictures with.
Oliver: Spoked ones to him, he wanted a pen.
Holly: Best person to make you feel good, she is kindness.
Lawrence: Great advice-giver on how to become a vegan.
Marley: Coolest person to walk home with.
Chris: Cool stuff guy, from markers to sticker, he has it all.
Katie: Best tea maker of the class, she can do perfect milk clouds.
Elle: If Tik Tok was paying people, she would be rich.
Ivan: Speaks the truth when judging your work.
Alex: When I hear “mate” I immediately think of Alex.
Eli: “Well, that’s bananas.”
Eva: Teaches me all the creative technics that I use and she’s a pearl.
Jay: Teaches me all the graphic technics that I use and he’s cool.
Carly: Best taste of the class.
Scarlet: Damn those video skills.
Munraj: Best hat of the class.
DJ: Most versatile guy of the class, teach me some move senpaï.
Bastien: Best bear of the class.
Elisa: “yeah, that’s cool.”
Sam: The smartest way to solve a problem.
Sean: most wise dude of the class.
Tommy: Is English me.
Dean: Is Australian (Assberger).
Phil: Is American and taller than me.
Chloë: Knows how the world is going to end, which is kind of scary.
Alfie: Doesn’t knows how the world is going to end, which is kind of funny.
Issy: The best to go see an exhibition with.
Charlie: The most expressive lad of the class.
Squirrel: Think he’s a lion when he’s obviously a dog.
Ps: Que sera sera.

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