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Gigi: More substance than the MIC cast on a Friday night. Why are you always wearing a coat inside? WOMEN ARE NATURALLY COLDER THAN MEN!!!!! 

Tommy: I’m thin, but I’m wiry. And she was definitely at least 14. 

Alfie: Bitch. Skills, sk8ing and rim jobs. 

Alice: My favorite dough is cookies 

Katie: I have 3 bidets at home.

Ellie: Nils Leonard please give me a job. 

Issy: What’s going on? Ahhah. 

Bee: I make Hunee, honey.

Elisa: Pencil oder Ausgang. 

Camila: Motion and emotion.

Ivan: I’m fine. It’s fine. Everything’s fine. The water’s not fine. 

Aaron: Aaron not Aaron 

The North Face: Never stop exploring children. 

Leanne:  I was not made for this; this was made for me. I am a SINGLE. 

Oliver: Caffeine and Nicotine with a splash of Sudafed. Do you even vape bro? No I mean with a gold vape. She’s my wife. 

KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good 

Sam: Jew(ish) 7-2

Holly: Why sell water to people who want water? I rate it ½ a star

Eva: Bitch, make me a cup of tea.

Elle: Herts over head. 


I don’t like to overdo stuff. 

Bastien: I’m French, I love techno, cheese and escargot (actually I do prefer frog Ivan)

Rolly: Kind but mean. 

The Dean: Ozzie with a buzzie. 2 rooms left, get one now. *Spills coffee on brand new Nikes*

DJ: Round 2 is better than round 1.

Chloë: Cocky with the board.

Christopher: Paint n rum

Alex: Daddy Cool.

Sean: The Golden Girl. 

Carly: Sail into my Bermuda triangle. THIS WINS

Lawrence: Do it tomorrow. Clothes with sharks are cool. Can she draw like Da Vinci? Can she write like Shakespeare? Honey.

Charles: *wearing green velvet hat* Surpass the answer. But what is the question? 

David : Yes. I write pars and spit bars

Scarlet: An espresso martini, a Fiji water and a skyscraper view. WHO would you take on daddy’s yacht. Why is Elle suddenly my roommate? 

Rachael: illiterate charm. The singing was in key! 

Phillip: Ditto. You never quit being a model. ZOOLANDER FACE (It’s called Blue Steel honey).

Jay: Look Marc I done a drawing. Looool. LOL.

Luce : je ne sais quoi

Isik: When does term start? Hahahhahahahaa – LOOOOOOOL

Matt: *11:30am at the Ritzy* – I’ll just have two large glasses please. Who needs words when you have white wine? Oh shit, time to get off Grindr. 

Marley: Like a good curry. A spicy slow burner.


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