Stuck in a heat wave in the 59th longitude.
 By @petranandersson

By Petra Andersson


Stuck in a heat wave in the 59th longitude.

This has been a week of ups and downs. I’m sat in a coffee shop. I’ve spent at least £20 on lattes alone this week. I’m surrounded by flowing maxi-dresses and waving hands, in the middle of a heat wave in the 59th longitude. It’s technically spring, but it feels like the end of July. People are panicking, trying to make the most out of the weather while asking themselves if they made a massive mistake when they decided to have their vacation in July. Maybe this is as good as it gets?

I can feel my brain melting as I look on my laptop, trying to squeeze out 6 new campaigns, building a website and craft two campaigns to perfection. It feels like all of my synapses are running on half-speed, and I’m trying not to panic. I’ve reached that horrible state where I get anxious because I might get anxious, and I get stressed because I might feel stressed. I feel like a car where the gears don’t really want to fall into place and are jumping along at an awkward pace. It’s difficult to keep my brain on track. One moment I wish it was the end July, and the next I want to reverse to the beginning of October.

This trip did not go according to plan. The CD I was about to meet hasn’t come back to me, and I feel like this entire adventure has been a very expensive mistake. So while I try to squeeze something of use out of my shrinking brain, I’m trying to remind myself of all the good things this trip resulted in:


1. I got to see my family. Things always feel a little bit less sucky when you’re surrounded by people who love you unconditionally.

2. I could finally, after weeks of longing, dive into my grandma’s lake and float around for a good 20 minutes.

3. I got to walk the streets of Stockholm again, after almost a year apart.

4. I managed to get a meeting with a former SCA student, show my book and got some solid advice. 

5. I had a delicious breakfast bowl in the sun from one of my favourite breakfast places.

6. I shared a Daim McFlurry with a friend that I haven’t seen for a year and started making plans for post-SCA summer, because yes, there’s such a thing. 

7. I had a pizza in one of the most beautiful parks in Stockholm. I happily dunked it in some ready-made béarnaise sauce that probably would’ve made Adeline cry of disgust.

8. I visited a friend I haven’t seen in 15 months. I stayed the night in her new apartment while discussing life on her couch. 

9. I laughed so hard over my cousin’s horrible swim pass that I sprayed my entire salad and innocent stranger with saliva. Every time she goes for a swim her picture is lit up on a 52″ screen. 

10. I finally had a choklaboll and am still amazed that they never made it big outside of Scandinavia. 

11. I made my mum buy me lunch twice.

12. I got to be there for my grandma’s birthday. 

13. I convinced my dad to turn on the grill and had the most delicious pork loin.

14. I got two emails from people who would like to meet up and see if we could be partners.

15. I got a book crit with an ECD in London. 

16. I had to pull my blinds down because it’s still light outside after 11 pm.

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