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Daisy Bard

By Daisy Bard



Wow. What a week. 

We’ve sped through an intro to the school and the main mentors, improv, free writing, mindfulness, cup-painting, Cream and our first three briefs. I guess it’s wise to focus on just one of these things, so I’ll go for Cream.

As the recipient of a last-minute place at this prestigious awards do, I was pretty psyched to get in there and explore. But here’s the thing about me: I get really sleepy – fatigued would probably be a more accurate word – late at night. So the simple act of staying out and awake til midnight was in itself a feat. Boom, straight in the Self Journal. Let alone the fact that I don’t drink much (worse for sleepiness/energy levels) so the agency drinking culture is already a gut punch. No, I know, you’re not forced to drink, but ad people’s go-to banter always involves getting hooned together so you feel like a leper for not getting involved.

Despite my initial concerns about these two things, Cream was brilliant. It was inspiring to see the portfolios of so many successful students (25% of whom were SCA alumni) and see what kind of work they’d been producing. I also got to meet a good few people already in the game, albeit for a quick intro and not much more. It’s early days, I’m not equipped with the bullshitting and networking skills yet.

Although supposedly first term is the easiest (according to jaded alumnae who’ve probably forgotten the feeling of starting here), I’m shattered. Off to sleep for 15 hours now. Do not disturb. See you Monday.

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