Surf till there aren’t no waves anymore. By @kylejforeman

Kyle Foreman

By Kyle Foreman


Surf till there aren’t no waves anymore.


Time management is like surfing. You have to know when is the right wave and when is not.  As the work slowly starts to mount up I think it has become even more important to learn how to say no.


Opportunities are a brilliant thing. But they are also a dangerous current that will pull us away from the wave that was meant for us.


At a place like SCA it’s hard to say no. Deciding what to spend your time on can be impossible, especially when everyday mentors are coming in wanting to spend time with you.  


Over the weekend I watched a film called Distance Between Dreams. It documents three brothers and they’re journey to ride the worlds largest waves.


In it Ian Walsh says “ Half the job is choosing the right wave. That’s instinct. The rest can be practiced.” When I heard this I started to realise how brilliance doesn’t come from just hard work and a little bit of talent.


It also comes from knowing when to fly. When to take that leap of faith and dare to fail. At the moment I’m paddling to stay afloat on my small make shift board. Faking it till I start making it. But I hope that everybody knows at some point instinct will kick in and all will become clear.



Happy Surfing.

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