Swan Roulette – By @TristanAmadeus

Tristan Amadeus

By Tristan Amadeus


Swan Roulette


After our Kit Kat pitch at JWT today, Nadia,Ben T and I floated into a crisp, tranquil Hyde Park. We rocked up at the coffee shack, overlooking the vast body of water, reflecting a motley crew of buildings, head-butting the beguiling London skyline.


We reflected on the pitch, agency life and the pros and cons of tackling a global confectionary brand, such as Kit Kat, with one of the most long-lasting slogans in advertisement history.


We said our good byes at Hyde Park Corner. I segued into the heart of the park, and one of my songs on my iPhone popped up randomly, like a red herring modeling a Groucho glasses, mid way through Bonobo’s Black Sands album. I was deep in thought, perplexed by a black swan with a red beak we had encountered earlier. If you haven’t already, click on the link below!!


It was sublime. The first couple of seconds, thinking it was Bonobo, I wondered to myself, mmm – Bonobo’s gone a bit abstract funky on this one, fair play. Then, realising – oh no I’ve been getting carried away, this is my stuff, how the hell did I make that assumption so easily.


I wondered if it would be a good idea to apply this to advertising. As soon as you finish a campaign for a brand, you run it immediately after your favorite live campaign, similar category. You can start seeing patterns and nuances between the art direction, copy, tone and timbre.


I then got swept into The Serpentine Gallery and viewed the visceral, simple and bold paintings of Michael Craig-Martin. He has a very undaunted, distinct style, similar to the amazing Paul Pateman who came in to give us visual-puntastic master class yesterday.


I scribbled thoughts into my notebook. I’m going to be honest I haven’t been doing much dot collecting recently. I spend most weekends cooped up in my room, feverishly working on music, sculpting sine waves like some kind of twisted wilder beast.


We took a photo of this black swan with a red beak.  Swan took peacocking to another species.


I slipped out the park and ricocheted around the National History Museum for a bit. It’s amazing; at the National History Museum they have these info station hubs concerning science, technology, innovations and changes in our behaviour. I felt a deluge of useful information DP’d into the brain.


I then tried my hardest to get lost in London, people watching, finding wisdom in the streets and jotting things down like a sick parody of a lunatic gesturing made up constellations.


I do take London for granted, regularly scratching the surface. Sometimes, the tourists know more about a city than the people living in it.

From now on I’m on a mission to do a gallery crawl, at least once a week, come join me!

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