Ten things I love about lockdown – By @aliceburden1

Ten things I love about lockdown

So, we’ve stopped attending physical classes at Pop for over a month now and it’s just fantastic. 

“Fantastic?!” I hear you cry, “This is pure hell on earth! I miss my friends! I’m so unmotivated! I’ve stress eaten my whole pantry!”

But you’re wrong. So so wrong.

And here’s why:

  1. My commute now takes 1 minute

I still get up at seven, but now I have a whole hour of dressing-gown time. I sit, drink my coffee and watch the runners go down my street. Sometimes, I do my run in the morning, and it’s a very peaceful part of my day. This hour in the morning sets me up for a good day ahead.

2. Crossword time

Every morning around eight thirty, a small group of us get together to do the New York Times crossword. It feels so good to get something finished before the day starts. Although, I’m usually busy boiling eggs and join a bit late!

3. Don’t have to set up chairs for Town Hall

All I have to do is click on a link. This really appeals to my lazy side. If only it could continue after this all ends.

4. No more tennis balls thrown around

This one’s for Jay. I cannot stress how much I despised those tennis balls being thrown around the studio. My laptop keyboard is f*cked and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that it happened after the tennis balls became popular…

5. It’s ok to wear trackies

My mother would never have let us go out looking shabby and it’s ingrained into my very being. But now, no one can see my bottom half so the lounge wear game is strong. I’m currently rocking a very bobbly pair of blue trackies and my body (and soul) is thanking me for it.

6. Easier to poo

At Pop, the toilets are pretty open and they’re unisex so it was kind of hard to go if your morning coffee hadn’t done it’s trick. But now, I can do it whenever I want and I’ve never felt so good.

7. Can work on a bed

I’m writing this with four pillows stuffed behind my neck while I recline lazily. You couldn’t do this at Pop… well maybe you could, but everyone would call you out for being an attention seeker.

8. Blame your internet connection for all life’s woes

Don’t feel like talking to your partner? Just exit and say it was your wifi.

9. My PA (boyfriend) brings me beverages throughout the day

My lil b*tch brings me whatever I ask for, I just have to text.

10. You can hear the birds sing 

It’s pretty loud at Pop and not near any trees. I have a few trees on the street outside and the blackbirds have been serenading me for the last month or so. I love it, it makes me think of summer and the good times to be had.

So there you have it, if you look for the silver linings, you’ll find there’s lots to enjoy about this situation. Do I still hate it? Yes. Do I cry every Thursday at the clap for carers? Yes. But, am I coping as well as I can? Yes.

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