Term 2 reflections thus far – By @Vick_Smithyy

Term 2 reflections thus far:

  • The more you learn the less you know. 

This has basically been how I have felt about my experience so far into SCA. Prior to SCA I was in a bubble of knowing I didn’t know everything. However since I didn’t know what I didn’t know about it wasn’t really a problem. But now I know more, the realisation of things I don’t know are amplified. It is crazy to think the more you know the more you realise you don’t know.

  • Criticism may just be hurting a tiny bit less

Term one was probably the first hard criticism I had properly experienced on a regular basis and I can’t lie and say they didn’t hurt a bit. The points system and scoring only made criticism feel harsher.

Although sometimes criticism still hurts and I do prefer the way some mentors articulate it more than others it has really improved my work and increased my desire to create better work. I received some advice this week which I was really thankful for which I’ll share in case it resonates with anyone else: 

You can’t please everyone. Don’t try. Just do what you love and believe in. 

I have also really upskilled lately in some of the Adobe software. I am still learning but thanks to Ian who has the patience of a saint I have learnt so much more. I’m not sure how he doesn’t leap through the screen to throttle us when we can’t see the buttons he is telling us to click but I’m thankful he doesn’t because it has been the best way to learn new skills for me.

  • Working on a routine

I really enjoy getting out for a walk each day. I have mentioned in previous SCABS that it really does give me the hump if I can’t and with all the promises I made to myself about creating time for one it just isn’t always possible. This is why my Mum and I started the new year with a resolution to do a 20 minute march round the block at 8am every weekday. This means that even if I don’t have time for anything else at least I’ve been outside. This has also meant I have had time for breakfast and shower all before Town Hall. 

There have been mornings when it’s cold and rainy and we really haven’t felt like it but we have forced ourselves and I am so glad we have.

  • New pin board and bin

This point is a little update for Amy who found my last SCAB that was dedicated to my desk funny. I brought a pinboard which is half board and half whiteboard which hangs behind my desk. I really am upping that WFH environment! I also have upgraded from a random storage box I used to toss all my rubbish to a proper little bin. The desk over the christmas period was also used to hide the Christmas prezzies so now they’re gone there’s so much more draw space to fill so perhaps in the next SCAB I can let you know what other office kit I can get. 

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