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By Charlie Parker Bonnett


2015 has kicked off, we are back at school and Christmas is all but almost forgotten. That is apart from a small pile of presents awkwardly occupying my living room, waiting for me to make a space for them in my flat. 

I have a few customary pairs of socks and still a little bit of chocolate left but as usual my pile is mainly made up of books.

I spent much of my xmas break flicking through these books, watching mediocre films and reflecting on term one. 

‘We came to find freedom and we found slavery’
Grayson Perry, Playing To The Gallery – From Dad

We arrived in term one eager for enlightenment and creative freedom. We were treated to a multitude of different creative techniques and theories. Each one promise to unlock the secret of creativity. 

I thought the process would be liberating and it has lived up to expectations but it has been tough. This is because creativity is much more a discipline than a talent. One found through in hard work, connecting dots and knowing which rules to follow but more importantly which rules to break.

‘Does everything that exists have to be grounded in sufficient reasons? Or are there things that somehow happen out of nowhere?’
– Slavoj Žižek, Event: Philosophy in Transit – From Mum

Term one of SCA has taught me to aim for both. Find an idea grounded by sufficient reason that somehow happens out of nowhere and you are onto a winner. Well maybe an SMP.

‘progress comes not only in great leaps but also from hundreds of small steps.’
Walter Isaacson, The Innovators – From Amelia

Progress comes not only in great work but also from hundreds of scamps. 

If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.
Epictetus quoted in ‘Serendipity’ staring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale – From itv3 movies

It is always nice to smash a brief, nail a strap line or get a laugh on reflection Friday. However failing is not so fun and at SCA at some point everyone fails. In fact it happens regularly and when it happens to you it sucks. 

However these failures are essential and reflecting on them even more so. They are the driving force behind your improvement much more than your victories. 

You can’t let it knock your confidence because everyday your ideas are challenged by phrases like 

What is the point? It will never work! You can’t do that? 

But sometimes they are ideas worth fighting for. Pick your battles but when they do come off, do a little dance and sing

That’s why! I told Ya! I did that! You biatches!

But maybe don’t do it in front of anyone.

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