The “6-Minute diary” that changed my life

After discussing the power of gratitude in my previous scab, I kind of fell off the gratitude wagon for a while.

Thus, my mental health had deteriorated, and I had fallen out of love with work (and mostly with myself too. Multiple thoughts repeatedly running through my head and experiencing multiple triggers all at once became so overwhelming.

It made me think, “Things aren’t working so well, and well… the things I was once grateful for, I no longer have.” Ultimately, I gave up for a short while and sank into a pit of melancholy. As humans, negative experiences are more likely to stick with us than positive ones.

A few weeks ago, I caught up with Marc, and he shared some “tough love.” He told me to be grateful every day. As a person. Me. Aimee. Being in my own little bubble and not very in tune with my surroundings, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on around me and to appreciate the little things in life in order to make my day as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

In fact, I used to think that “there are only 530 ways in which I can express gratitude for my mother,” but this time I want to learn to focus on what’s really going on in my life, but differently.

As an example, today I wrote about how my gym receptionist provided me with a free drink when I forgot my wallet. Or Richard Russell’s amazing copywriting masterclass. In the beginning, I never would have thought of these things, so if you struggle, just retrace your steps. You will find them, I promise.

My life has changed since I started keeping a 6 Minute Diary every day. I’m in a much better place. Besides being cheaper than therapy, it is a helpful way to ground yourself and improve yourself. On the front page of my book, I wrote “day by day you have the chance to build your own house of happiness” as a gentle reminder that I am the own architect of my life.

Here is a structure of the book:

1.Morning Gratitude

Write down three things you’re grateful for, or one plus reasons why you’re grateful for this.

2. How I’ll make today great

Focus on the opportunities and possibilities of today. What are your goals and priorities today? What are the concrete actions that will enable you to take steps in the right direction?

3. Positive affirmation

Draw a picture of how you see yourself today, or in the future. Or you can do what I already do and write down one thing you like about yourself.

4. My good deed today

Even small acts of kindness can make someone happy. A good deed serves to give you a sustained self of happiness. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone.

5. How I’ll improve

You want to develop and grow continually, what have you learned today? What opportunities for improvement do you see?

6. Today’s great moments

Each day is filled with small moments of happiness and success. Meet them with your eyes wide open. Seize and cherish them.

FYI The 6 minute diary is available on Amazon here. You only deserve the best.


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