The Badvertising Challenge – By @CiRCUStrongman

Lee Allen

By Lee Allen


The Badvertising Challenge


Bidding farewell to the inaugural month of our SCA Journey, as a 24-year-old dying to get onto the career ladder, I have so far found the amalgamation of mug painting, drawing my emotions and guessing whether or not ICE is one big wind up to be painstakingly frustrating.

“You’ll be wishing you were life drawing come award season” is the average response to my venting, but as Consuela would put it, “no”. I came here to make ads, not to sketch pictures of hairless men, no offence Christian. The pressure of SCA is what I came here for, I need deadlines, the more the better. Otherwise I quite quickly find myself running in eight different directions at once, when like the Irish one with the dodgy highlights, I need one direction.

To this point I’ve been heavily reliant on humour to keep me from at times appearing narcoleptic, which apparently isn’t to everyones taste. Oops.

“You need to do more serious work” Marc uttered to me on the way out of Friday reflections, which coming from an old man wearing animal print trousers, I found quite easy to dismiss; to quote JME “You’re not serious, don’t say serious.”

I assume that wasn’t in response to my faux-reflection slides, as everybody loves those, right? Well, everyone barring Ashley maybe. If it was in response to my real slides then sorry Marc, don’t look to me for the deep and meaningful, when I am it’s generally reserved for the lovely redhead whose mug you so viciously took from us.

Oh and for the record, I do not condone mug on mug violence.

“You need to do more serious work”, now that’s a sentence I can agree with. I came to SCA to

create and instead it’s resulted in my lowest creative output since maybe secondary school; some of which can be put down to a succession of flu, broken ribs & what is best described as a six-day guts ache. But they do say things come in threes, so hopefully I’m home and dry on the ailment front. To add to that I’m on a self imposed booze-ban ’til the 1st of December since I spend too much time and money in Markethouse and my blood is now becoming one big flowing pool of Mojito; so there’s a habit I’m breaking (albeit temporarily), since calling an end to snoozing in the cinema was seemingly insufficient.

Also, I feel my lack of experience with both Illustrator and painting & decorating has left me at a slight hindrance; the former I will be donating large parts of my attention to over ‘half term’. I think I will also make a point of pestering Ian more, as well as reading his emails before I pester him; it’s easy to opt against showing your work when you’re in a room full of highly talented graphic designers, but at SCA you can’t be a grower if you’re not a shower.

I showed Ian on Friday, and he liked what he saw. Make of that what you will.

Lastly, I know I’m not the only person at SCA desperate to start making ads, but as we’re repeatedly reminded by our all-seeing mentors, we know sweet diddly French Connection about doing so, so I came up with a nifty little solution…

Introducing the Badvertising Challenge.

The Badvertising challenge is our chance to make the pooiest, punniest, funniest ads we can, with the crappiest copy and the most ill-spaced, key line free art direction we can muster up.

The brief is simple, pick a word (not a real one) that rhymes with advertising and make a one-page print advertisement based on your chosen word. What do you say you Clinically Obese Penguins? How about we tackle one each for our next group SCAB?

I’ve listed a bunch of sample categories below with a few examples (I’ll be tweeting them too in case they don’t get posted), and do feel free to add some to the mix:





























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