‘The Beep Term’ by @monaonthemoon


By Mona Sharif


Back in secondary school, I remember taking a test in sports course called the Pacer test, also known as the Beep test.


It’s a 20-meters shuttle run activity done in conjunction with audio instructions.


Pylons are placed 20 meters apart in a gym or a playground surface.


If SCA is like a marathon, term 3 is often compared to a sprint.


It’s the final stretch. Marc keeps reminding us every morning that the countdown has started. 76,75,74,… 71 days left until Portfolio Day this morning.
For me, term 3 is a bit like a Beep test.


SCA is the playground.


First day of term 1 is the first beep.


You run the first pylon – the first deadline – then you rest. You slow down to reflect on how you’re going to get to the next pylon. As the Beep test progresses, the time interval between beats shortens, thereby giving us less time to rest. But you still have to slow down and stop, take time to have a break and reflect. Slowing down to get there faster can sound as a dissonance, but taking the time to take a break, collect dots, and reflect helps you manage your time, your energy, and enables you to work smarter.


But if you can stop the real Beep Test when you feel like you’ve reached your final energy and can no longer keep running, here in SCA, you don’t stop until Portfolio Day.

And as beeps keep on going, you have to manage more than one pylon at a time and juggle between briefs.

As hard as term 3 or Beep tests can be, it’s the best way to improve your work and reach your best level.


And just as Beep test, Term 3 is a group run, so we have to support each other and keep running together.


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