The Cult of Personalities

Unabandon hope, all ye who enter here…

Temple of the SCA.

The Cult of Communicative Arts.

We welcome you… to give all of You.

…To give us your weirdos, your wronguns, your misfits, and your punks.

To give us your charlatans, your hucksters, your humbugs, and your rogues.

To give us your flâneurs, your wanderlusters, your nomads, and your lost…

Invited today to join us in the digital ether—with open hearts, heads, and hands.

Eyes wide open. Zoom’d right in close.

We see you.

Gathered bravely in front of our screens. Ready to perform your truest creative selves to fellow strangers… next year’s cohort… future partners.

Here, our Selection Day.

Many are called. And fewer are chosen.

Though invited among us for our intimacy, we share today…

…A bubblegum acoustic pop song.

…A maniacally destroyed door.

…A diverging choose-your-own-presadventure.

…A pitstop into madness.

…A TV show band hijack.

…An architecturally incepted illustration.

…A storied military documentary.

…A fashion sizzle reel.

…An accessibility ad instructional.

Together, the High Priests and Priestesses of Art, Strategy, Craft, Type and Comedy watch over each talent’s passing four minutes of wooing, their vying to impress.

To each auditioner, in private rooms, they turn later judge, jury, and executioner: thumb raised… yay, or thumb lowered… nay.

But only after sifting through the naked bones of you. Only after picking over your motivations. You hopes. Your dreams. The skeleton of who you are.

Come join us, you prey they say.

…To give us your outliers, your outcasts, your trouble-makers, and your exiles.

To give us your optimists, your fighters, your warriors, and your tribe.

To give us your scallies, your parents, your privileged, and your poor…

You cannot change yourself… but you can the world.

You cannot un-be who you are… but you can learn new tricks.

Come join us, they say. High thumbs held steady.

Book the call, they say.

Drink the Kool Aid.

Pass the cull.

…To gives us your makers, your doers, your rebels, and your thieves.

To give us your graphic tees, your longtail-beard, and your knitted cardi-capes.

To give us your insights, your SMPs, and your problem/solution fix…

Unabandon hope.

Give in to reciprocity.

And give us the Cult of You.


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