The end is nigh – By @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


The end is nigh

4 weeks left. I feel excited, anxious and nervous all at the same time.

All I want for us is to have work that we’re really proud of and placements lined up at the agencies we’re desperate to work at. Simple right?

I remember saying in a group scab a while back, ’creative fulfilment, like pain, is temporary’. 

And the last 2 weeks have been evidence of that.We have a few campaigns that people really seem to like, and that we’re quite happy with. 

But with the need to constantly make more campaigns, we’ve started to get bored of seeing them, simply because they’re not new anymore.

And therein lies the problem. We’ve spend so much time crafting the good campaigns and brainstorming very initial thoughts that there’s not been much in between. 

This week our plan is to keep our Macs closed and work purely with marker and paper to solidify those thoughts and build work that’s better than what we have already.

I just want us to be better than we were last week and build on that momentum.

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