The Homo Healing – By @christinems_

Christine Smith

By Christine Smith


The Homo Healing

So I watched this documentary I wouldn’t usually watch. It takes a lot for me to get angry or pissed of by things like this but the title itself got me like WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?! You can’t heal a sexuality??

Basically the documentary was about a very religious/Christian girl who knew she was gay. She had a relationship with a girl and they were very happy together – the problem was, being gay was wrong in her religion. She wanted to be “healed” from being gay.

I do respect people who really believe in their religion but what got me really angry was the way she wanted to be healed. She contacted this American woman who she paid to cure her “misery” who claimed to herself be ‘healed’. 

The American lady flew to Denmark and sat with her and her strict Christian family to talk about why it was wrong being gay and what have caused it in the first place. 

First, she told the father he was not dominating enough in the relationship with her mother and that for sure was the reason why the girl was gay. That she’d never had a masculine role model to teach her about a “real” relationship. After this she said it was Satan’s intention to exterminate the human being by putting gay people on earth and that she was a part of his plan. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK!

And the girl agreed! The American healer told her to break up with her girlfriend and only focus on God. She told her that she would be able to live with it after a little time.

I was left feeling confused.

If you really love someone and know that this person makes you happy, why would you give this up because of a religion? Because of something written in a book by no-one-actually-knows-who thousands of years ago? 

I know someone might think I’m being narrow-minded, but WHY?

The girl were really unhappy because she knew she had to give up the love of her life because of this. She said she couldn’t understand why something so wrong felt like the only meaning with life? But she gave it up – her love – and lived after the rules of God. 

I guess the fact is that if you really believe in something and choose to do everything you can to achieve it, you can do it. What I do respect is people who do this. Also even though I don’t understand why. 

You can get whatever you wan’t if you believe in it and fight for it. The same goes for all your crazy ideas.

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