The Pre-game build up – By @BeckDunn3

The Pre-game build up

As the start date of my time at SCA draws ever closer, a variety of emotions arise. The likeness of which I could only compare to the build-up to an important game. It’s hard to describe but if you’ve ever had it then you’ll know what I mean. 

It’s a sort of heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach. A physical ball if you will, which appears when I think of starting. This ball is made up of many feelings; anxiety, excitement, fear and all sorts of others. It seems as though my life has led me to this, and the big moment is about to arrive. I am nervous about starting SCA. You may like me, feel that you’re never doing enough, or you’re missing the secret recipe to suddenly becoming an overnight sensation and everything being sorted. Thus, adding to the weight of the ball in your gut. I know the SCA match ahead will be arduous, physically and mentally demanding but, nonetheless, I can’t wait to get stuck in.

These pre-game nerves disturb the balance of your body, chemically shifting it into fight or flight mode; I’ve found the best way to get past it is to think the same way I would minutes before I walk onto the pitch before a big game. I would suggest cutting yourself a bit of slack and remembering, you can only do the best that you can, if you empty the tank then at least you can leave the field happy with your efforts regardless of the result. An attempt at a Stoic perspective I suppose.

I’m certain there will be many more occasions where pre-game nerves will surface on my journey in SCA. As a note to myself, and hopefully others I would say just concentrate on what you can control, preparation. In turn you can arrive prepared and do the best you can. The rest is for the time being, is out of your control.

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