The SMP Challenge

I had a few ideas for this SCAB, took some photographs for one, wrote some notes for another but I just couldn’t settle on any (paralysing over thinker), nor could I find the time to sit down to think (ha… contradiction?), so with 2 hours to SCAB deadline I’ve set myself a challenge. How many SMPs can I come up with in an hour?



Plant based energy drink. Won’t leave you feeling empty apparently. Many ingredients are mood changes or enhancers. 10g plant protein. Clean caffeine. Clean flight. Caffeine is flying. Clean high. Plant protein drink. Theanine decreases anxiety, increases focus. Energy up, fatigue down. Loaded with plant energy. Loaded guns. If someone shot you with energy how would you feel? A plant energy shot. A shot of clean caffeine? What is clean caffeine? A shot of clean energy? Flip dirty energy

Proposition: When you’re low, Vuum’s plants will flip your energy

SMP: Plant drink that flips bad energy

Turkish Delight


Eastern promise, authentic taste of the east. What does the eastern sea tastes like? Teaches you how to be pink and jelly in the East. Jelly from the Turkey. Egypt? Eastern pinkness. Now with no artificial colours. Only real colours Eastside. Face Eastward. Turn East. Takes you East. Edmund betrayed his family for it. WHO TF IS Edmund? OH NARNIA. Because he was addicted. Because his temptations overcame him.

Proposition: A tasty temptation you’d betray your family for

SMP: Arabian temptation



Dry cracks. Dusty feet. Glazing over cracks. Sahara desert is dry. Dry like the Sahara desert. What’s the opposite of the Sahara desert? Desert, desert, dessert? Dessert for your feet? Dessert for the cracks in your feet? What is dessert? … unrelated… Healing and protection. Protection for your body. Why am I only thinking of feet? Lots of hacks on TikTok for Vaseline. Solves all your little problems. Life’s better with it on.

Proposition: Solves all life’s dry moments.

SMP: No dry moments



Heritage testing? OMG they’ve sold information and helped put people in prison. Data breach with law enforcement. Not just heritage tracker, tells health stuff, recommends lifestyle advice. Very scientific. You choose how you use it. You’re in control (well…). DNA however you want to look at it. Puts you in the driver’s seat of your DNA. DNA spirals unravel. Unravel your DNA anyway you like. Decipher your DNA. Decipher your genes. Reveal, decode. Which is more scientificy (yes I’ve made that up)? DNA is genetic coding. How does that help you? Knowledge is power. So knowing? Know is a weird word. 

Proposition: Decodes your genes and gives you the power to know yourself.

SMP: Know your genes.

A few day-dreams, controversial articles and extra time added (to make up for the daydreams) later and I’m, all done!

As a bonus, here’s a few I’ve come up with every Friday when I can’t switch off ☺


Proposition: Using plastic-free deodorant puts your mind at ease about all the harm plastics are doing to you and the world so you are less stressed about those things.

SMP: Being fussy makes you stress less


Proposition: A little sweetness a day keeps the mean away

SMP: Keeps you sweet


Proposition: A prized collection of films on rotation

SMP: A revolving museum of films

Spotify Audiobook

Proposition: The place where you can connect to your culture through a narrator who speaks like you

SMP: Listen to a narrator that speaks directly to you

I hope this helps someone else… realise my thought process is all over the place.


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