There’s a banana on the floor – By @ItsNighthawkBTW

By Joshua Chalmers



There’s a banana on the floor


more nights

conversations that seem briefly new

but they’re not.

There are no new conversations in this bar,

what’s it called?


I don’t really like talking here.

It’s loud inside

it’s cold outside

the beer is watery

and what’s worse,

I’m always moaning internally.


“mmm modern art, what do you think?”


what do I think?

I don’t say out loud


Drawn out pause




More waiting


“I’m just gonna take a piss”


More like are you taking the piss


Crowded men’s toilet,

a sour piss smell you can taste.


“sorry mate”


Pretending to piss

 is the only time you take a moment

without looking like you’re having some kind of crisis


Is this a crisis?


Pretend willie waggle

legitimate smile

it’s the small things…


There’s a banana on the floor


That’s modern fucking art

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