Things we’ve done what we are proud of

In this week’s dose of Monday morning motivation from Marc, he told us that he wished he saw more of what we did (creative or otherwise) outside of or before SCA. Well Marc, here it is all neatly wrapped up in a SCAB for you.

Rob – Fasta Pasta (@fastapastaco)

The thing I’ve done outside of SCA that I’m most proud of is qualifying as a lawyer. Ha as if. It’s actually starting a business with my best mate making and selling fresh pasta. Born from a childhood dream, at our peak we were serving over 100 portions of pasta a day. It also led me to making my first ad. There’s even talk of a Summer 2023 return…

Charlie H – Alienation (3rd year uni film)

I wrote and edited this film at uni. Pretty proud of it even though I hated the director and what he did with my baby. Also we lost a day’s worth of audio recording, so it ended up being quite a disaster. But c’est la student films.

Pascaline – Motherhood

I’ve done various pottery, stone carving, painting, screen printing you name it! But my greatest achievement has to be bringing up three children on my own on benefits/part time jobs. 

Charlie L – Jack of all trades, master of none.



Scouting talent

Scouted untapped photographers, visual artists and directors for global campaigns for Nike, Maison Margiela, Capitol music, Universal music, Karl Lagerfeld.

Oscar – Candles

Made some money last year making candles, stopping at nothing to create the perfect scent. Still working on it.

Rohmarra – Music Video Director

Vague Detail – How does it feel

A beautiful black love fashion editorial for Nataal media, see here. I’ve been working on a fashion + culture magazine highlighting Caribbean creativity. Coming soon!

Anna – Arranging/ Performing A Capella 

I’m OBSESSED with harmonies, and I’m pretty proud of some acapella songs I’ve arranged and performed. 

Here’s da vid:

Enjoy! Scuse the dancing it’s highly embarrassing, (seriously), I just enjoy the harms. 🙂

Alec – Things I guess? 

Climbing animation 

Loving Ketamine
Snowboarding animation clip

I can also count to 10 in AT LEAST 2 languages

Hope — Sing songs

I’ve sung in choirs for my whole life, including New Zealand’s national secondary students’ and national youth choirs, and (best of all since it’s paid) the NZ Opera Chorus. Here’s two things from uni, a G&S show where I was the villain (as the alto always is), and a performance of my FAAAVE piece, Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, which I organised with my best pal!

Nicole – Synecdoche Project

During my 2nd year of university which was also at the height of the pandemic, I shot a photography series all from the comfort of my home as I couldn’t meet up with anyone. Through my project, I demonstrate how choosing to use technology over communicating with one another face to face doesn’t allow you to develop a strong connection. I was lucky enough to develop it and have my work exhibited at @arnolfiniarts & @freerangeshows in June 2022 and I hope to continue it in the future.

Lara – Poetry + stagnant magazines

In lockdown I wrote lots of poetry and some of it got published in magazines. One of which you can buy on Amazon for £12.50 (not a shameless plug as 0.00% of profits will enter my pocket). One was called Artists for Armageddon (a Bristol based collective) and the other was The London Poetry Collective. Both fittingly pretentious names. 

Molly – Portrait of Sir Captain Tom Moore.

In lockdown, I drew this portrait of Sir Captain Tom Moore in honour of his efforts and shared it on social media with a link to the petition to have him awarded a knighthood. 

Juliette – Collage – Painting

I also know how to make a fire on the snow in a country where it feels like -30°. I recorded everything and edited it as a short video (it took me 20min to start this fire…).

Emma – nice weird shit, I would say

During the lockdown, we had nothing else to talk about with my family than toilet paper. To sum up, for those who don’t understand French, this is about two artists who urgently need toilet paper…. It’s the best premise for the best pursuit course movie. So, here we go, as a family effort, our short movie:

To finish, it’s a project I made by myself for the SCA homework, before going to school (yes, we have that). I know it was for SCA, but I had so much fun doing it, I want to share it. I breathed life into balloon animals before killing them one by one, enjoy: 

Andrew – The book of Zhenom

It’s not much but it’s honest work. I was creative director in a book me and 2 others made in secondary school. It’s all true and based on a special person called Zhenom in our class. He had an extraordinary talent in saying the most ridiculous things, which of course had to be documented and one day sold as a book. 

We sold several copies, and am willing to sell some more if anyone is interested. Get your book of Zhenom today and it’ll be sure to cheer you up. 

£2 a copy. 

Gwen – Video Marketing

Before SCA I worked in marketing for a workout studio in Amsterdam. Believe it or not, a year of creating social media content is what made me want to go into advertising… partly because I loved creating content and partly because some of the things we were doing were just total crap. I wanted to change that. The last project I worked on before moving to London was a shoot for Puma, that was a really cool experience.

Jodie – Kids book

Despite not being very fond of kids or being christian I decided to write and illustrate a christian kids book ‘Moses Parts The Red Sea’ but everyone’s rabbits. It actually sent me down a very interesting rabbit hole (lol) about how having animals instead of people in children’s books affects the intensity of the moral lesson kids receive. It was before the days of Ians teachings so the design is ropey at best but it still gets the job done. Here’s some of my favourite pages.


My mechatronic brain has always craved experimenting and exploring everything out of the routine. I’ve burned the candles I made and broken the pottery I fired but here are some things that stuck.

A website of stuff that’s not typically advertised:

Street art collection with precise location:



Keeps us in our senses,

Carries us far and wide,

Drives us into a world of fantasy,

Fading into melancholy.

The mind is fleeter than the wind,

Picks up a spider over a word,

Twisted itself continues to dance,

Even if the music were to pause.

But if we had to go with a heart alone,

It wouldn’t be hard,

But harder than the thought,

For even if the music never stopped,

It’s useless to take position,

Forgotten is the dance.

Street photography:

One that won and one that didn’t


In August 2020, after the explosion in Beirut I decided to try to dissipate the grief by writing it out. Trying to attach words to the confusing feelings I had inside as a Lebanese person who hasn’t ever lived there (and wasn’t there at the time of the explosion). I am more proud of myself for deciding to channel my feelings in words on a page rather than the poems themselves, but this is them. I am grateful I always have them to look back on. 


As someone who’s always loved taking pictures and exploring, and during my travels in a previous life as a location scout I was able to find loads of cool places. Places that led to a limited edition run of prints that proved very popular. I’ve included three of my favourites. Rumour has it there’ll be more prints making a comeback in the summer so who knows…


Strawberries and Cream festival 2019. Somehow ended up playing a set mainstage sandwiched between J Hus and Shaggy.


Me and my friends would do a Secret Santa every year. It got a bit competitive and people made some pretty crazy stuff. Beautifully crafted furniture, custom clothing, someone made someone else a fully working board game about their life. One year I stayed up the night before until 5am making a graphic novel for one my friends. All the pics are of our friends and I’m not sure the storyline ever quite makes sense. 


I made some creepy art for years before SCA. If you squint you can see nudity.

Fred – Fish

I used to sell fish. Sometimes I would steal fish. And other times I would cook fish.



I used to do quick small paintings of random stuff I saw when I was out.


During lockdown I fell in love with roller skating and also the people who do it, this is where I met Hannah, one of my best skatey mateys. Together we set up @se8rollersk8 an inclusive skate community for lovers of wheely shoes. We believe that skateparks should be a space where everyone feels comfortable regardless of ability! Together we created a brand and organise events during summer. Roller skating is creative. You can create and combine tricks, and use different features of the skatepark in usual ways, it’s good for the mind and body. Everyone customises their skates differently too, I have adopted a black and green colour palette in honour of my favourite powerpuff girl buttercup


Wrote an entire sitcom during lockdown that was picked up by a team of producers at a very well known broadcasting company (not allowed to tell you sorry)! Stuff is on hold with this project at the moment but keep your eyes peeled and maybe something pretty funny (if I do say so myself) will pop up on your screens soon. Would include something visual for you all to gawp at but I’m not allowed to share anything from this project yet


Portraits and theatre…


In my spare time I used to screen print with my housemates making tees, little zines and all sorts. Even when I was on the tools, I was learning Photoshop and went through a phase of gradients and halftones for a hot minute. 


Dabbling in this (Free Skating)

And Likkle acting 


I learned to cook with the pros

I  trained as a broadcaster with Allfm 96.9, Manchester’s best community station. I  produced and presented my own show.

Honey x

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