Thoughts – By @ZSlatter

By Zoe Slatter




I was a little reluctant to write a scab following last Friday's
outcomes prior to a crit, which I'm sure has been written about a
couple of times prior to this wee' mention.
That evening I was fiery, ready to write a scab screaming out my
emotions, ready to take out my rage, take out my anger and quit.
Quit, to become that freelance illustrator I've always wanted to be.
I was so close to using that little pause where we went around the
room to reflect upon how we felt to make an announcement. I ran
through it in my head....'I would like to take this opportunity'...,
but no, thankfully that didn't happen because I'm still here now.
Its weird, sometimes I do things like that. Little scenario's that
run through my head where I try and the predict the outcome. When I
was at school, I remember thinking quadruple times what would happen
if I just stood up a screamed, when everyone was reading a prayer in
assembly. But again, of course, I didn't do that, I just sat
quietly, kinda like I did last Friday.
But I'm glad I never got up and screamed, and I'm glad I never said
what was going through my head that Friday because I needed this
week to reflect. Reflect on my purpose and what it is I want to
achieve. The most inspiring talk from Ricky Richards got me through
that. I can still do everything I want to do, I just need to be
strategic, logical and driven, and a bit more Ricky. So this week
I've really spent time nurturing everything I really care about.
I've actually produced things that I am happy with, and for once it
seemed to be the quickest processes.
I spent time with people and spoke about topics I really care about
which has to lead to ideas which some people don't really have much
of a clue about. I feel my head has levelled and my thoughts have
been able to digest. I get stressed quite easily, but it's just not
worth it, just stick with your passion. That's not stress.

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