Thoughts from 24 Days in the Studio – By @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


Thoughts from 24 Days in the Studio

Even though these past five weeks have gone incredibly fast, looking back at the things we did at the beginning feels months ago. I don’t really think I’ve properly sat down and thought about how much I’ve learnt. I’ve been keeping a knowledge book where everyday I write in new words and interesting facts I learn inside; it’s something that I hope to continue to do for the rest of my life. Today I opened it up and read through everything I had wrote down. To think some of these were only written a few weeks back but have now become so engrained in my brain as though it has always been there all along feels slightly crazy but just goes to show how much we’re learning.

Aside from these there are a few extra things I’ve soaked up and thought about so far..

1. Just because an advert has a prime place in a tube station, a bus stop or comes on before a major film doesn’t make it a great ad.

2. Clearing my desktop weekly and organising my diary daily is essential for keeping the stress at bay. 

3. That you should never judge someone by their Facebook/Twitter profile. The reason why its empty could be because they’re busy living live to the full and embarking on incredible adventures; so keep an open mind.

4. Working hard is essential as is giving things a go. I’ve already learnt a lot from trial and error. 

5. Keeping your own enthusiasm high can keep you on track. If a spot isn’t working for you, pack your things up and move to somewhere different.

6. It’s ok if people don’t like your ideas. Everyone has different opinions. But if no one likes your ideas, it’s probably a good time to rethink.

7. Collecting dots is essential, but they have to be organic.

I began spending my weekends in places you would be likely to find other creative minds.. art galleries, design exhibitions and they’re all great but I was trying to cram in as much as I could; trying to be in the know, to see the latest stuff. I find them interesting but I was doing it all in the aid of advertising. It all felt a bit forced. So last weekend I tried to change that. I forgot about advertising completely and just did things that I naturally enjoy. I visited new places where I found some new coffee shops that would be great to do work in and began reading up on tectonic plates. 

8. Leaving the studio at six isn’t a bad thing. To some the days may be considered quite long but on reflection it’s not something I’ve tend to notice. But what makes this great is, six ‘o’ clock is the time when the big Sainsbury’s down the road reduces it’s food. Tea times has suddenly seen a new spark in diversity and luxury, all at an affordable price. And to finish off you can buy two cream buns for 40p. (But let’s keep this little gem between us, we don’t want everyone stealing all the bargains before we get there!) 

9. That SCA is home to a group of people where being different through being yourself is what matters most and it’s somewhere everyone can express these uniquenesses openly (so long as you work hard). Take Rhiannon for example, she’s a secret Fillet-O-Fish-lovin quilter, then there’s Ben T who dresses like Federica’s dad (her words not mine), Larry, the Welshman that doesn’t sound it and Adriano who thinks British humour isn’t funny but still laughs at it. It’s the dream school.

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