Time – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman



Time is the most precious thing we have, most people only realise this when theirs is running out.
At SCA we get reminded daily, yet without structure, hours can easily go past and another day has slipped out of your hands.
I think most people have a memory they wish they could get some more time to go back and relive, because great moments goes past so quick it’s almost like they were just a dream.
Horrible moments on the other hand is when your mind demons slows down time to a point where your body can feel the pain of every second. 
Those moments are probably the most important ones in your life, those moments are when you truly get to know yourself.
If someone would tell me today that I have only one year left to live, I know that after about two days of trying to buy myself more time I would accept my faith and then I would go.
I would go where ever my heart desired, I would talk to the people I always wanted to talk to. I would try all the things that scared me and I would get my way with everything and never take no for an answer.
Because I would constantly think; I’m going to die soon anyway, so why should I worry?
I would demand success as if it was owed to me, and I would never see the obstacles in my way but only the opportunities.
I would probably within 6 months be more successful in life then I ever could have dreamed of in a lifetime. I would get to know myself better than ever before and never let a day go to waste.
Probably a lot of people would do the same, and prove themselves more powerful and driven than they thought was even possible.
This, simply because someone said that their time is running out. 
Imagine the greatness that would come out of this world if everyone were told they only had one year left to live, not knowing that everyone else had been given the same faith, because you have to be alone in it. It’s one of those things you have to do yourself.
Now getting a death sentence doesn’t make you immortal, the fear of time running out however does make you productive. Which is why some people work better the closer they are to a deadline.
Now why do we not use that fear of time running out everyday to claim control and success in life?
Because when you think about it, your time could be over tomorrow, there’s no guarantees and you just never know.
Now with that in mind, I’m sure you have a lot of things you’d like to have done by the end of this day so go out and watch your success grow. 

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