Time management -Eve Redele

By  Eve Redele

I want to talk about time management for my scab today, but even when I’m writing it, I am late in my schedule, and want to rush a little bit to be sure to give it on time …

Obviously, I succeed I think, not sure yet …


Since the course with Diana Jervis Reed, I have tried to manage my time my mixing some of the tips she gave us. It was working, but not enough, so I’ve finally decided to do its


For the first day on Monday, I used the self-journal. I’ve bought it since week one, but I have never taken the time to do it properly. Why ? I think I have some ideas

I was afraid by managing my time, and I won’t have « true » moment.

I didn’t realize till now that I need to take time for myself, my family, my work.

So I decided to use the self-journal to have a better time management.


I didn’t realize that it was super super important to adjust my time for every task that I have to do.


This week, we had different briefs to handle in time. I manage to do it all, but some of my work was not nice enough in my mind I was quite disappointed as I try this week, but I have still to improve in my time.


It sounds easy to do but to apply it is not that simple. I am not sure, but I might not be only who have some difficulty fitting in all the rules on the time management. When I do it, I have the impression to let no more surprises in my life, but this week has been full of surprises, even if I have tried to organise it.


Always reach the deadline (except when Youtube is not with me…), sometimes most last minute, sometime in advance. But even if I have ever had the work in time, I have discovered that it’s so much easier to prepare your work in advance, but you can always have the great idea in the last minute. So it is why I understand more why it is essential to have your work ready before like that you can still adjust and make it fuckin perfect.


That is on the point saving time and learning how to manage it.


But weeks that are coming won’t be as easy(depend on the point of view) as now. More briefs, more work, more deadlines and more time to manage. I can’t’ wait for it. The John agency is going live! Design your studio: I’m so curious about how our studio is going to look like and work as a John. It is the end of week 6. Still, nine-week to go to the next. The time fly. I still fill that we are at week 1. And I realize it more and more when I know it will come to an end in a short time.

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