In every class from kindergarden to college, I was in the top 3 in English classes.

I loved watching TV shows in vostfr, so much that when someone looked a tv show in french, I had the nerves to say “HmMm how can you watch it like that..??”: I hate myself for it now. 

I have been at SCA for 3 weeks, and I have no other choice than to be down to earth. I wish the lectures came with subtitles because, breaking news: I’m not that good at English.

That’s not a huge issue, but sometimes it does feel like having tape on your mouth. You want to talk but you can’t. 

Having ideas is difficult, expressing them is even harder, but in a foreign language? Let me tell you, it’s a competitive sport. Team work has made me realise how simple the idea has to be. If my classmates struggle for hours to understand it, it’s certainly not the right one. 

Although being french in a 97% English class can be tough, it’s an experience I truly enjoy and needed to fulfil my further ambitions. 

This week, we’ve been asked to write down our dream, but I had no idea what to write. Now, I think I know why: I’m living it right now (Please excuse the cheesiness). No, my dream isn’t using Google Translate every god damn day, neither is gaining 5 kilos thanks to Pop Brixton’s tasty food. 

My dream is to have an international career and studying in London is the first step towards the future I want to build. 

Let my worldwide journey begin!

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