Tonight I want to be bored – By @monaonthemoon

Mona Sharif

By Mona Sharif


Tonight I want to be bored



Trying to get some storage in my phone by deleting a few old photos I saw this one I took when I was in Copenhagen. The first poster « I miss my pre-internet brain » really intrigued me. 

Internet and digital technologies gave us the possibility to have access to any answer in one click and I love that. 
Nowadays, we don’t have time to get bored, our mind is always taken by a message, an e-mail, a like on an Instagram photo, a new match on Tinder or a friend tagging us on a silly Facebook post. 

But do you remember what it was like to be bored? Remember when we were kids, no smartphones or internet during the long car journeys, delayed flights or rainy Sundays.
When I was younger I used to spend my whole summers in Syria or Egypt visiting my family. The tradition wanted us to take a long nap after lunch but being the hyperactive kid that I was, it was out of question for me to take a nap. So I used to just do NOTHING but wander, walk around the house looking at my grand-ma’s old patterned wallpapers and imagine the shapes were animals. I used to hate those moments and now I miss them so much. 

Yesterday night, struggling to send an important e-mail because of my bad wifi connexion, I lost the connexion for 5 minutes and got so mad, I felt lost and completely blocked because I felt like I couldn’t do anything during these 5 minutes. And this scared me because I realized how much I was dependent to it. 

Then I asked myself a few questions that I dare you to think about. 
When was the last time you watched an entire movie without checking your phone notifications ? When was the last time you went to bed before checking your Instagram feed ? When was the last time you tried to find your way without Citymapper ? When was the last time you walked in the streets without your earphones on ? (and it doesn’t count if it was because your phone was out of juice) 

One of the million things I love in SCA is the « digital detox » policy, we all agreed to leave our phones in our bags during the day and it feels so good that I almost feel guilty when I take my phone out a few seconds during lunch time to answer a mail or a text message. 
I love this because it allows us to be a hundred percent in the present moment, and not be easily distracted and I reckon it’s the best way to be creative. 

What if we try to push this digital detox further and take a few minutes to switch off, try to go to bed tonight without looking at our screens ?


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