Unbalanced – By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy




Inspired by my recent bout of dizziness – even illness can be a dot.
There is an argument to be had that some of Cou(p) were unbalanced individuals before this year started. But nonetheless less there is no doubt in one way or another all of our lives are now becoming unbalanced. 
I have already learnt the importance of friends and family throughout this process as work and life boundaries blur back and forth. But I take positivity from the imbalance. Who wants to live a balanced life? Being unbalanced represents something new going on in your life. Something you must be passionate about why else do it. Being unbalanced likely means you are bettering yourself in some way. 
For me that’s meant side projects, a change of city, a new job, impending marriage, renovating a property, new friends and SCA.  Some distinctly middle aged things I’ll admit but all incredible brilliant things to me. 
So if ever struggling with the work life balance, remember being unbalanced is not always such a bad thing. Unless your an accountant* (thank you). 
* Non-native speakers, accounts are said to ‘balance the books.’  Native speakers get a grip.

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