Wanted. By @MrBenGolding


By Ben Golding



Creative partner that enjoys hard scamping, throwing rules out of the window and the very occasional pint.

Me: tall, slightly beardy twenty-something with a penchant for weird music and Internet humour.

You: any size, shape or gender with a good eye for detail and the ability to bring the best out of me. Your own ideas are a must.

So let’s set this straight, I’d hope you may have read some of my previous scabs and have an idea of what I’m like. I’m not here to fuck about. One of the biggest draws for me at SCA was the opportunity to meet fellow creatives and find the right partner that can act as both carrot and stick.

I have been with my girlfriend Lauren for almost 6 years, that’s a long time, longer than quite a lot of relationships. Once the casual comments about ‘Marriage’ and ‘Life’ from various grinning relatives dies down, you find that actually if you enjoy spending time with one person in particular, why change it?

One of my favourite lines that I like to recite whilst I’m staring myself down in the mirror every morning is as follows, stolen from a film called ‘In Good Company’.

How do you make a relationship work for such a long time?

Find someone you want to be in a foxhole with, and then keep your dick in your pants.

What great advice. It’s not about ‘Moving forward’ and ‘Building your story’, it’s about finding someone that you like and not dicking about, and thats something I can definitely bring to a partnership. That, and I’m a pretty mean cook.

Having said that, I’d just like to make clear that first of all I intend to be thoroughly creatively promiscuous. If theres something on your mind or an idea gestating somewhere that you’d like to get some eyes on, just send it my way.

Seriously, to quote Philip Seymour-Hoffman’s Lester Bangs, “If you get into a jam, you can call me. I stay up late.”

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