We are not worthy. By Max Lom-Bor

By Max Lom-Bor


We are not worthy. It’s only when something could be taken away that you realise how much it means to you. SCA is not an education in advertising. It’s a year-long life lesson. You are exposed to real greatness. You are spoilt rotten with opportunity, support and advice. And you end up prepared for a job you want to wake up for. 

Never in your life will you go somewhere like this again. Everyone wants you to succeed, sometimes more than you yourself want to succeed. That’s hard to believe in the hardest times with the all-nighters, but it’s unconditional support. They push you to tears, deconstruct you, analyse and dissect you, to then build you back up. To be better, stronger and faster. I’ve never been surrounded by genius before, true masters of their separate crafts. I am not worthy. 

We are asked this week to reflect on which mentors we wished we’d spent more time with. Truthfully, all of them. The art direction skills I’ve picked up trumped three years of university graphic design education. The copywriting lessons and learnings didn’t teach me how to spell, they taught me a love for language, a passion I didn’t know I had.

You go from covering your ideas with your forearms in Term 1 to shouting, screaming and defending your work in Term 3. The school teaches you how YOU learn, not how to learn. How YOU do ads, how YOU think and who YOU are. It’s character building more than portfolio building. You change from a timid shrew into a brave lion. You find stability in mind and body. Learn how to self assess, and be self critical. You learn how to take hits and come back fighting. You learn resilience, mindfulness, you learn that hard work beats talent. 

I remember my first day. It feels distant. I was absolutely terrified. Totally clueless about what to expect. I wanted to show off, I wanted to design. I didn’t know what I really wanted. I didn’t know I could write. I didn’t know I loved technology. What I didn’t know, I didn’t even know existed. Advertising is a overarching term for communicating messages to the wider world. And I’ve found my way of doing it. 

I hold no experience in higher regard than SCA. It’s surreal, it has to be experienced to be understood. I want to fund scholarships at the school in a few years. 

Who would’ve thought a weird little church could change my life for the better. I’m atheist. 

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