Weekly Reflection @bbrice01

By Becky Brice

I’ve been putting off writing my SCAB this week for various reasons. Firstly there has been no time. I have a long list of things I need / want be doing and writing a SCAB is really not high on the list. I went on a book-buying spree the week before last only to be inundated with work the day after. So Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ has been put to the side for when things calm down. I’m hoping that time is next week. After long days of painting our studio ready for the opening of our agency ‘John’, I intend to come home and read what the very nearly first woman president has to say. Whether I actually get to do so is another matter but the ambition and optimism is there.

The other, and probably bigger, reason I’ve been putting off writing is lack of anything to say. The point of these posts, for me anyway, is to reflect on what’s been happening at SCA, how I am feeling, what I’m learning etc etc. This week I am slightly lost for words. My brain is too full of what I need to be doing that I have no idea how well I am doing. The more frightening thing is that I know this is nothing compared to what is to come. How I’m going to cope is beyond me. Luckily I have a great housemate to come home to and ground myself back in the real world away from adverts, deadlines, and creative egos. I realise that the first thing I let go of when I’m busy is a weekly reflection. It all becomes a bit of blur, making my excuses that there simply isn’t time. In the spirit of trying to do things differently, and honestly a lack of any other idea of what to write about, I’m going to look back on my personal week. To give it the SCA edge I’m going to wear my 6 hats to steer my thinking. Not sure De Bono quite had this in mind when writing about the 6 hats, so apologies mate.

Blue – How was my planning this week? I think it could have been worse. I went to bed way later than I would have liked but I got everything I needed to do done on time so in that sense a success?

White – What do the stats say? This is where my idea to use the 6 hats may fall down but I’m carrying on nevertheless. My sleep app (clutching at straws much?) tells me I had an ok week sleep wise. My stinging morning eyes would beg to differ, but who am I to argue with the stats?

Yellow – What went really well? We got some really exciting briefs that I can’t wait to get on with!

Green – How creative was I this week? As much as it pains me to say this, I think my green hat is one I really need to work on. I often shut ideas down in my head before I give them a chance to grow beyond a passing thought. Note to self – be more accommodating to own ideas.

Red – My gut tells me this week was a successful one. No tears = winning.

Black – What went wrong? Of course, there is always things I could have done better. I don’t know if I contributed enough in my partnership, a feeling I hate with a passion. I also missed out on a writing class with a mentor that I wish

wish wish I’d gone to. I assumed I wouldn’t have time so didn’t sign up, only to regret it when everyone came out raving about it.

So there it is. Week, analyzed.

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