Welcome to the industry, Krista. By @Krista_Shepherd


By Krista Shepherd


Welcome to the industry, Krista.


Welcome to advertising, Krista. This is the future you’ve chosen for yourself. An industry that’s too cool for school, but still needs you to go to school to be cool. An industry that requires for you to break rules, but not all the rules, because people don’t give a sh*t about your artistic expressions. An industry that expects tremendous creative work on every single brief, but not too creative though, because we wouldn’t want to scare the precious customers. An industry of clients that think they want Mozart, but are actually completely fine with One Direction. Welcome to the industry of long hours, no personal life and crappy coffee. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life of eating dirt and selling your babies to people that hate them. Welcome to making the logo big and thinking small. To going from wanting a drink to needing one.


And while I’m at it..


Welcome to the industry that gets your weirdness and embraces is. To industry that has a potential to making the world a better place. To industry that gives back just as much as you put in. To industry that has the power of making a revolution. And you, you !^£*@(£^, have been lucky enough to be part of it.
You keep on going, girl.  

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