What a day

Daniel Lilley






By @Lhilli_


“What a day, what a mo’fucking day”

– Denzel Washington, Training Day

Change the word day to week and thats how this week has been. So much has gone on, I have been to some great agencies, met some amazing people, started something I’ve been looking forward to for the past 6 months and more. Its been a lot to take in at once but its been incredible.

I was actually very nervous before starting the course, mostly because of the schedule. I had spent the last few years of my life working but not applying myself, by that I mean going to bed too late, not staying later at work when I should have etc. The whole prospect of something being as full on as the SCA scared me in a way. I am glad to say that those fears are gone after spending a week here, a combination of great people, great tutors and enjoyable work has made the whole thing fun. It doesn’t feel like work, I’m sure at certain stages it will be hard, may even feel impossible but it still feels right.

And thats the thing isn’t it, it should feel right. Me and the other members of the course have spent the last week getting to know one another and one of the main subjects that comes up is what did you do before this/why did you come to the SCA? Everybody’s story is totally different but the one thing I noticed is nobody felt content with what they were doing before, many had been to University or even had careers and changed paths to come here. I think for everybody this week has confirmed that this is what they want to do, It just feels right.

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