What a great start – By @GaryGaro1

By Gary Gerardy


What a great start


This second SCAB was not supposed to have this headline but my plans are a bit messed up since yesterday. 

So yeah I came back from my “Romanian camping” which was all I needed… five sunny day with my sweet cruising around hitting nice beaches and tasty cocktails. Then back to realty. Organising my UK move-in. Finding a flat. Saying goodbye to my friends (no choice to party on). Settling my exhibition. Editing my This is me. Defending my thesis. Selling my car. 

Well everything went great except that instead of selling my car I did an accident by hitting a post. (lol) But the rest was all fine! I found a lovely cosy room in Shoreditch. I posted my video in time. I received my exhibition confirmation. And I even did such a good thesis that I received an email proposing me to work for Ogilvy Social Lab Belgium (I wasn’t touching the floor anymore). So yeah I could hardly complain everything was perfect… until yesterday.

As I had to move in yesterday I arrived in London, excited as a kid at Christmas Eve. I went to the agency to have the keys of the nice flat I booked on SpareRoom via a bank transfer (£200). There I signed the contract and paid £1200 (in cash) for the admin fee and a first monthly contribution. Then I went to the property and discovered a totally different and disgusting flat. It was not the flat I booked online at all. So I went back to the agency, gave back the keys telling them there is no way I stay in this slum and asked them to get my money back. As I was getting really upset a man arrived to rescue the girl. They asked me to prove that it was not the same flat I booked. I fund back the link but of course the pictures were all deleted. I called the guy with whom I was in contact to book the flat. Of course he is not working there anymore. I said I would not leave the place without my cash (which was just in the drawer in front of me). They told me they were not able to give me back the money and that I had “to be a big boy and play it mature” (I was about to get mad) by reporting my complain on a website they gave me. So I asked to see the manager. He was not there. She did not have his phone number and knew hardly his name. 

Moreover when you google the agency name “Lifestyle Club LSC” you can’t find any website or fb page. You just discover that the postal address doesn’t exist actually. 

So yeah I was not really expecting such a bad experience on my first day in the UK Ahaha. Wtf.

Anyway tomorrow I go right back to the field to see the manager and get my money back. Police and Action Fraud are already warned so if they do not want a big mess into their scammy agency they will have “to be a big boy and play it mature”.

To be continued…

Ps: if you do know a lovely 3-4-5 bedroom shared house do not hesitate to let me know 😉 

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