What can be learnt from Sir John Hegarty?  By @Edwards92Sophie


By Sophie Edwards


What can be learnt from Sir John Hegarty? 

This week we were lucky enough to have Sir John Hegarty visit the school and give us a masterclass. The title of this SCAB sounds like I am going to analyse Hegarty’s great work. I’m not. Instead, I’m going to (hopefully) give you the golden nuggets from Hegarty’s talk. 
The creative process: 
  1. Creativity is an expression of the self 
  2. Know what type of creativity you are producing. Pure creativity (original thinking like a new piece of art, creating the concept of the Simpsons) OR applied creativity (taking a concept such as the Simpsons and doing an episode) – *hint* aim for pure. 
  3. Art without an idea is just decoration 
  4. Be daring – constantly break new ground 
  5. Fame is powerful
Your work: 
  1. Be great at 1 thing and you will have value – don’t be good at both art & copy
  2. Is your idea irreverent? Yes? Good
  3. Make sure your work represents your opinions – put yourself in your work
  4. Work out what you believe in
  5. What are you trying to make with your life? 
  6. What’s the idea in 1 sentence? 
  7. Be fearless – make things which have never been seen before 
  8. Risk it – otherwise you’ll just end up repeating yourself 
  9. Dialogue with the viewer makes powerful work
  10. Go for short and simple ideas – take complicated ideas and reduce them down 
  11. Persuade and then promote the brand you’re advertising
  12. Work for brands you wouldn’t mind your kid using. 
Your partnership: 
  1. If you’re in a team, have a team brand
  2. Remember, you’re only as good as your next ad
  3. Have a partner who will tell you when it’s shit. 
  1. Good is the enemy of great 
  2. Most creative careers last 10 years (gulp). The only way to extend this is to: 
  • Absorb things 
  • Mix with the best
  • Look at great work – Read shit. Think shit. Do shit
  • Constantly invest in your creativity 
  1. Bring Ego into the game. DO NOT bring your MEE MEE MEE into the room. 
So there it is, some shiny pearls or juicy nuggets to help us all get into and stay in the industry from Sir John Hegarty. 

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