What was the last ad you took a photo/screenshot of and why? -Group SCAB


Sara: One of Augustine and Lauren’s LinkedIn ads, because it’s so cool seeing ex-SCA pupil’s work on my timeline.

Meg: The Carlsberg ‘Probably the best poster in the world’ billboard, so I could remove the copy to post on our ‘Without a Copywriter’ Twitter account – @adswithoutcopy

Ben: I really should put this Iceland ad that has the best mince pies and they use it like a crossword, but I’m too embarrassed to actually put those in. So take these fab posters for an estate agent near Brick Lane – they are fab on all levels!

Eve: I did not take this one in the picture, I found it on the internet. I found it funny and simple. The whole point of the campaign was to say that do thing when you are sure you’re awake, and as I am not a morning person, I like it a lot.


The last ad I saved (and also printed out handouts of) was Tony Brignull’s “Answer these ten questions and work out the date of your own death” for Albany Life. This is the kind of copy that’s so brilliant period-you literally start tearing up. Am really looking forward to meeting him on Monday!

Kim: The last ad I took a picture of because it was amazing was this one. It really caught my eye, especially on the Tube where we are surrounded by crappy ads (no offense, whoever fella creatives who did them)

This is also an ad that can be classified in the ‘awesome hijack’ folder! Here it is:


Jem: I think someone might have been drunk when they wrote this. They read somewhere that ads have to be credible and before they listened to any other advice they ran off to make it. Famous endorsements? Check. Statistic? Check. Logos of driving-related companies? Check. Oh and just in case they still don’t believe us we’ll put his signature on it too. And a hashtag. Now people will really be sure that drink driving is bad.

Adeline: I took a picture of this because: burn.

Phil: Great use of the medium.

Jonothan: This year I followed the Warburton Pride and Breadjudice campaign. It was very, very funny. Now I buy Warburton bread instead of own-brand.

In fact, I’ve found a photo of one night when I came home slightly intoxicated and took a picture of a half-eaten loaf I just bought and the ad:

Christian: LEGO print ad, I just think it is lovely minimalistic and so well done.

Twyla: I took a photo of this ad not because I thought it was an amazing ad in itself I just loved the phrase “Free your photos”.

Chirine: I saw this print on Facebook recently and I think the idea is simple and fun and the execution is very great


Helena: I’ve seen variations of this around, but this particular one I saw on the internet and loved. I think’s it’s such a visually stunning graphics and even if the title wasn’t on there it would still have communicated as clearly what it was about.

Joe: Sorry for the abysmal quality, but I found this Ogilvy’s’ book I was re-reading the other day, made me laugh, and feel a tad confused. Most of the ads I screenshot are just events I want to go to.


Christopher: Trying to find an angle on the drum brief, That ad caught my eye. Really simple, brilliantly executed, straight to the point, I thought it worked really well.


Susan: Snapped this as research for a KFC brief at school

Becky: Not a traditional ad but I guess it ‘sold’ Obama to the people?


Helena: lavender & anxiety from the association


Emma: I like the use of negative space, the duality between the 2 elements, and it’s an exhibition I’d really like not to miss. Plus, the elements are, in my view, well constructed, it reminds me a bit of a playing card, and I really love symmetric in general.


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