What’s hot and what’s not this month at Pop Brixton – By @aliceburden1

By Alice Burden


What’s hot and what’s not this month at Pop Brixton


Things have changed for Krak. We’re at a new venue, Pop Brixton. There’s new rules, new trends and new teams. So, I bet you’re wondering what’s hot and what’s not at Pop Brixton. Here are this month’s trending topics.


Pot Plants – Certified blazing


Some of SCA’s top teams are turning their desks into jungles in a way to assert dominance make the place look nicer. It’s this month’s hottest trend.


Meeting up early at cafes – Flames


We can’t get into Pop as early as the church so the new normal is to catch up with your partner in a cafe before class and write 1000 SMPs.


Brightly coloured oversized Post-it notes – Hot


Another great way to assert dominance show how hard you work. 


Souvlaki – Hot


The Souvlaki place in Pop is so so great. 


Indian Burgers – Hot


You get an onion bhaji in your burger. AN ONION BHAJI IN YOUR BURGER.


Other Side Fried Chicken – Hot


Buffalo Burger FTW.


Pop Box on a Friday – Hot


It’s like our own personal disco.


Hand Sanny – Hot cakes 


With the Big C around the corner, this stuff is flying off the shelves, literally. Make sure you always sanitise after touching… anything.


Top Floor – Hot


This is where I sit. It’s the quieter floor, and it has less chaotic energy than any other floor – except when Alfie comes out of his room.


Natural sunlight – Hot




Tennis Balls – Hot


Throwing these around on the top floor to get you into playful child is seriously hot right now. Just ask Jay.


Artefact cards – Warm


No one knows why we use these, but we love them anyway.


Afternoons – Hot


It gets pretty hot in the PM in Pop.


Mornings – Not hot


Yet our days start off very cold.


Throwing tennis balls over the top floor balcony – Not hot


Not only is this “not hot”, this is also “not safe”.


Community Fridge – Not hot

There’s something about taking food from the community fridge that feels like stealing. I mean, I take food from it, but I still don’t feel great about it.


Bathrooms – Not hot… not hot all all…


Let’s just say there have been some bathroom crimes occurring at Pop.


Not closing the front door properly – not hot


Just don’t do it.


Saying “sick” when something’s good – Not hot


When the mentors start using your slang, you know you’re in trouble.


Middle floor – Ice cold


Rubbish floor. Just plain old rubs.


Setting up chairs and putting them away before town hall – Not hot


New house, new rules, I suppose.


Alfie’s room – very cold


Alfie’s self-isolating for the greater good. 


Drinks prices at Pop – Wait what!


£6 for a beer. Not hot AT ALL.


So, there you have it. Now you can come to the new venue knowing exactly what’s cool. If you really want to impress, bring pot plants for your favourite teams (Alice and Phillip). Or maybe buy us a beer! We certainly can’t afford one now!


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