Why COUP are excited to leave SCA…


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


Why COUP are excited to leave SCA…

Coup have only five weeks left at SCA before they are thrown into the field of advertising. It’s been a hard year that’s

flown by, let’s find out what excites them most about leaving the school…

Drew: The prospect that every project I work on could go live.

Ben G: Having a weekend where I can just sit in my pants and play Dark Souls, not worried and feeling guilty.

Nunu: To fly with flamingo birds all over the Spanish country.

Matt B: Explore my creativity more, outside the realms of advertising: film, poetry, music…

Angus: A week of acting like a 21 year old again.

Chloe: My parents no longer asking me when I will pay them back.

Katy: Finishing freelance commissions from a year ago.

Georgia: Giving up 24 years of ticking the student box.

Roman: Being able to say “I’m an art director baby, want a ride?” And eat something else than rice and pasta.”

Seb: Validating the change of career I had a year ago, by doing something I love – wearing lycra.

Rhiannon: Working on big juicy brands.

Alex: Finish off making my leather micro scooter.

Ethan: Being able to get the Gucci slippers to match

the Gucci belt.

Dennis: Eating some proper German sausage in my homeland.

Alicia: Really letting my creative spirit loose in

the field of advertising.

Blaz: Reflecting on what happened, looking at my learning curve and organizing notes from the year.

Pugh: Coming back next year.

Fed: A salary, to start making presents to all those who had to stand me for so long.

Larry: Never seeing Matt Kennedy again.

Tristan: Being a man.

Matt Ken: Having the opportunity to work out. Paying back the boss and getting trashed.

Nick K: Starting a career that seemed like a distant dream 2 years ago in Canada.

Owen: Cooking my own dinner.

Nihal: Getting paid to come up with ideas. Moving out the family house and in with my mates. Starting the new chapter.

Adriano: Keep smiling everyday.

Nadia: More of this with fellow creatives:

Ben T: Growing up.

Beatrice: Getting started with my career and taking a step towards my goals.

Laura: Being able to tell Pete to flip off.

Orla: Working in an environment where I won’t be

fraped by immature idiots everytime I leave a computer logged in.

Edwina: Me excited? The advertising world should

be excited for me!

Suki: Like working…you know…in advertising and stuff.

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