Why do a task in one hour, when you can achieve exactly the same in two? By @rolloskinner

Rollo Skinner

By Rollo Skinner

Why do a task in one hour, when you can achieve exactly the same in two? 


Why do a task in one hour, when you can achieve exactly the same in two?

Why be efficient when you can just dilly-dally about?


That’s how my subconscious would like it.

A meandering and pleasant journey to the finish, with distractions along the way.


If you ever listen to people but don’t take in a word…

If you’re ever working and then realise you’re knee deep into the Facebook lives of strangers…

If you realise at the end of this SCAB that nothing’s gone in… then you’re like me.


Being easily distracted is an enemy of time.

It’s the enemy of productivity.

It’s my enemy.


My SCAB was originally going to be my scamping diary. My plan was to get up every morning and scamp at school for an hour. For the first week of term that worked. I came in and scamped, managing to avoid the early morning distractions in the studio.

But by the end of last week things had slipped. I’d come in, get ready, but find something else to do. My focus on something less productive.



I’d stopped meditating. I’d decided I was too busy.

It seems, my subconscious felt those 15 minutes in the morning were not the most beneficial way to spend my time.


But when you’re too busy to meditate that’s exactly when it will benefit you most.


What I’ve realised is, those 15 minutes make the difference to my day. They allow me to be present. To focus my attention. They give me the choice to make a choice.


As Anam said last week, if she wants to get up she tells herself she’ll lie in tomorrow. I’ve been trying it. It works. My brain is a first-rate fool.


I reckon that when I meditate I’m twice as productive in a day. That means in a week i’m twice as productive. In a year I’m twice as productive. I could achieve twice the amount between now and the end of school. Or, twice as much in my lifetime. Sound ludicrous? I’m willing to bet it’s true. Double my life achievements at a cost of 15 minutes a day. Sounds too good not to.


The problem is at some point I’ll stop, I’ll forget I wrote this SCAB. The work will pile up and my subconscious will once again decide that those 15 minutes just aren’t worth my time. But I don’t want my subconscious to make my decisions for me. I want to be present.

So, if any other penguins, like me , struggle with distractions or wandering minds, let’s chat. I’d love a meditation buddy to check in with once in awhile.


When you’re in two places at once, you’re in neither place at all.


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