Why #fooddancing is living well. By @KennyTNL

Kenny Meek

By Kenny Meek


Why #fooddancing is living well.


I’m sure by this point a lot of you have already witnessed W+K’s new #fooddanceing ad for Sainsbury’s. It’s apparently a fun, quirky and playful take on the supermarket genre and offers a different slant on what some might have expected after Sainsbury’s half decade romance with Jamie ‘bish, bash, bosh’ Oliver. As I sit here and reflect on it, I ask myself a few questions: Is the campaign blowing minds? I don’t think so. Are hashtags growing out of vogue? I don’t know. Is the song memorable? I can’t remember.


The ad didn’t push me – A Sainsbury’s shopper –  to bust a move in my kitchen and I haven’t seen the hashtag used anywhere outside of the advertisement itself. With that said, there is one thing that did speak to me. I can’t quite figure out how to explain what that thing is other than that knowing feeling of – ‘Yeah, I get it’.


See, I wake up most mornings before the sun rises. After a quick shit, shower and shave I’m keen to break out the phone, catch up on the news of the day and have my breaky. I spend the next ten or so hours in SCA, sipping coffee and traveling like a sardine with millions of other commuters. This has been the play by play of my life for the past four months and I’ll likely have the same routine going on with subtle differences for a long time. Now, according to Marc, routine is bad. When we do the same thing over and over again, we introduce nothing new or disruptive into our life. I’m inclined to agree but with one caveat. That caveat comes from the fact that, put simply, some routines can’t be broken. We all have our own prerogatives and if getting to school on the 59 bus every single day is mine, then I’m welcome to stick to it so long as I do one thing; find a passion and exercise it once a day. A little moment of joy, meditation or relaxation that makes me that bit more mindful. A #fooddance, if you will.


It’s not a #fooddance though. Sometimes it’s #differentfoods or #makingfoodforsomeoneelse. Often times it’s just a little #foodinvention. My point is that I like cooking. For me, it’s not a dance off, it’s more meditative than that, but I totally get why some people prefer to salsa with their salsa or rumba with their roux.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like the campaign initially. It felt annoying and too edgy for it’s own good. I felt like that for a while until I went to Sainsbury’s, bought dinner and proceeded to cook to my heart’s content. The ad creative disappeared and the human came out to play. It all clicked.


A #fooddance represents – to me at least – a slice of personal fun where I’m in control. I feel confident, free to experiment and excited for the end result. I hope that’s the feeling that W+K are trying to get across.

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