Why is dyslexia such a hard word to spell? – By @Ellebellwood

By Elle Bellwood


Why is dyslexia such a hard word to spell?


Being dyslexic brings its quirks. I’ve turned up to work at the wrong time, driven to the wrong place and ordered the wrong meal all because I struggle to read. I’m the type of dyslexic where the words move all over the page, making it hard for me to keep my place and very difficult to read. I was the idiot during all my exams that had to line up in my own row because I had a special room on my own, extra time, read aloud and a laptop. I do have to admit, I have to think about how to spell my full name, on the odd occasion.


You will be able to tell that I’m dyslexic due to the fact my written work is so chatty and informal, I do not do well at the proper stuff.


Along the years, I gathered a list of words that bug the hell out of me. Yeah, they are grammatically correct but they are just all wrong, and I would like to share these with you.


(Disclaimer: I have had to use spell check for all of these words)


Excema should be spelt exma.


Necessary should be spelt nesesary.


Geoff just shouldn’t exist.


Friend should be frend.


I honestly couldn’t tell you which one is which. Quite or quiet?


Acrylic and Idyllic. But I wouldn’t know how to spell the words without the y? 


Pneumonia. P. (insert eye roll emoji) It should be newmonia.


Chlamydia and Gonnereaha. Significant words in the English dictionary. But clamidia and gonerreah.


Talking about the English dictionary. Dicshonary.


Any word with tion doesn’t quite (or quiet) add up.


Tequila. Dekillher.


Quinoa, or I say kew-no-ah. Should be keenwah.


FebRuary. That pesky R.


Gnocci. The G is silent. Literally, what is the point?


Millenial. A great genera(shon) but it should be milleneall. 


Entrepreneurship. It’s a part-time job just trying to read that. Untraprenership. 


Gif. Is it g-eee-f or j-if? The biggest mystery of this centruy.


Antarctic. Gives me the shivers. (ha! get it?)


Sauvignon Blanc. Can’t spell it, but I’ve learnt to read that one.


Defibrillator. I don’t understand why ‘brill’ is in that word. It should be Defisadator.


Deteriorate. Sigh.


Guacamole. I had to google ‘green mexican dippy stuff.’ Spell check couldn’t even save me on that one. 


Library. A place that I should probably time to spend more time in. 


Probably is a surprisingly hard one. I have to emphasise the A in my head.


Phenomenon. Fennomenon. 


And then of course dyslexia. It’s just ironic isn’t is it. DislexeHA.


But what does this all mean for me? You might be surprised to hear that I think I’m leaning more to copywriting than I am art direction. I feel I see the world in a different light, I understand and see words differently, meaning I can manipulate and twist words into interesting sentences. But it definitely does need a good edit and spell check after. It takes me a little time, but I do get there in the end. 


Bellwood x


p.s sorry about the grammar.

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