Why join the navy when you can be a pirate – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes



Why join the navy when you can be a pirate

Many years ago I saw a film called “Happy thank you more please”. The film hadn’t a profound plot but I liked the vibe. It told that when someone says ‘thank you’, you have to say ‘more please’, this phrase stuck in my memory. If I have to be sincere I don’t practice it a lot, but I definitely love the idea. That’s why in my first SCAB I would like to thank my colleagues, the Pirates, the guilty why I’m writing this.

The Pirates are: Isa, the master of random pictures of Instagram; Hector, a guy who is A BIT obsessed with Japan culture; Fran, you can call him Lobo and me, Marta.  

The four of us happened to meet in the same class the first year of college in the University of Seville. We weren’t even friends until one year or two passed. In fact, I’ve asked them many times why we did that volunteer campaign for a Spanish advertising festival, our first campaign as a team, on our second year, but we still don’t know how we got together. Anyway, that was our beginning into the advertising world. Since then, we are good friends (right, Pirates?) and we’ve been participating in some advertising festivals (failing most of them) until, suddenly… Yeah, we rock! 

I’ll tell the (brief) story of how we entered two campaigns for D&AD New Blood (and one won): 

4 days left for the deadline: we got together in one house. We had no brief chosen, no idea, no campaign. During the weekend hours passed, we just ordered food, searched for random information on Google, ordered food again, intense moments of friendship followed by intense moments of tension. 

2 days left: we had two ideas we liked for two different briefs. We worked hard, debating every little detail it could appear. Actually, we also lost a lot of time deciding which food we wanted to order because we had to debate everything.  Our craziest campaign was about an app for giffgaff brief which rewarded megas to their users for having orgasms. Unfortunately, that didn’t win but the one we did for Bacardí brief did! We got a pencil!

Weeks later we were deciding when we should fly to London. We had signed up for an interview in a school that offered scholarships due to D&AD, my peers said they were going to do it. I wasn’t sure because I had to fly the day before the interview from Spain to Germany and blah blah blah. But, if they were going I wanted to go too. 

One week after the interview, Marc did “the call”.

It is said that the academic effort of college students is influenced by their peers. In this case it wasn’t just academic, it went further.  I guess in SCA will be similar kind of fellowship and I am so excited about that, but for now,

thanks Pirates.  

More please. 

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