Wiping a sh*tstorm with gratitudes.


By Adeline Vandale

Wiping a sh*tstorm with gratitudes.

By the time I’m writing this scab, you’re probably aware of what happened to me a week ago.

If you’re not, let me tell you.

On Friday night, when going back home from the pub, I got my bag stolen.

Not just nicked from my shoulder. 
A guy was threatening my boyfriend to cut his throat with an empty bottle, threatened me of the same and rape.
And while we were defending ourselves, another guy decided to take my bag.

Everything was in there, from my computer to my glasses, hard-drive, notes, ID, money, cards and suncream.

I’ve had a shit week. I’ve cried a lot. Not just because of the loss of my things. It’s only material after all.

But also because with my self-journal being in my bag, that person probably knows more about me than I know about myself right now.

Police has been useless as they asked me to do my own detective work. I’ll quote “Just keep an eye on Gumtree, Shpock or Buy & Sell shops see if you can find your computer”.

So it’s been very hard for me to stay positive.

But to go through that shitstorm, I’ve forced myself writing down more than 6 gratitudes a day everyday.

I’ll share a few:

  • I am grateful nothing happened to neither me nor my boyfriend on that night. Losing all my things is shit but at least neither of us got hurt.
  • I am grateful for my brother. I know only a little who’d help their sister the way he helps me. I am grateful for the relationship we have because I know that whatever shitstorm I’ll face in life, I’ll never be on my own. Ever. He’s been of a massive support every time something has happened to me. 
  • I’m also grateful for the fact he came to see le the weekend after it happened. It was planned anyway but the timing couldn’t have been better. Him and his girlfriend brought me a computer so I can finish the year without more worries than needed. We’ve spent quality time together and both cheered me up enough for me to be ready to start again.
  • I’m grateful for Phil. He’s been patient with me this week and left me his computer on the nights I needed to work. It might mean nothing to the world but it meant the world to me. 
  • I’m grateful for everyone who’s suggested to help the past week. Jono, Ben, Poppy and everyone else. But ,ain shoutout to Meg for the typefaces she shared with me today and offering her old computer. 
  • I’m grateful for everyone’s who’s asked if I was okay. Again, nothing happened to me, but I’m still shit scared of walking where it happened so just asking if I’m alright did make a difference.

Gratitudes have a massive power on me. It took a few days to take effect but now that it has, I’m ready to let myself coming back. I think.

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