Year’s round up – By @bbrice01

By Becky Brice


Year’s round up

It’s my last SCAB of the year, so why not do a round up of the last couple of months at SCA.

This time last year I was a bit of a Debbie downer, in a job I didn’t like, no idea what I wanted to do, ready to give up and run to another country, because of course that would solve it all. I casually registered interest in a school called School for Communication Arts 2.0 and quickly forgot all about it. Suddenly I’m at the interview day, shaking in front of the intimidating looking Fat Penguin intake. Little did I know I would soon be accepted, and my panic was unwarranted.

The first couple of weeks at SCA were simple enough, painting cups and naming the studio, but gradually the workload gets more intense. You start to get to know people, feel more comfortable with them, and it all becomes all mushy and family-like. Of course I’ve learnt something new every day, not only from visiting and in house mentors but from other students too. I’ve learnt things about the industry, new skills, and things about myself. I came to the course with absolutely no prior knowledge of the industry and no familiarity of those who are legends within it. I guess one of the biggest things I’ve learnt is the who’s who in advertising, and where I’d like to end up once SCA is a distant memory.

I also had quite a few reservations before starting. I’ve always thought of advertising as an annoyance you have to sit through before watching something interesting. This theory is also what has stopped me pursuing it in the past, but over the last few months I’ve come to see that there’s more to it. Yes, there’s always going to be rubbish ads, annoying jingles, pointless lines that don’t have a cohesive thought behind them, but there are also ads that are thought provoking, that can and will change the world. What a relief.

I’ve talked in previous SCABs about what a risk it was for me to quit jobs and use my savings for the course, but I’m pleased to report that so far I wouldn’t do it differently. My mind is stimulated everyday, which sounds like a simple thing but I’ve had days in the past where I’ve been convinced my brain was turning to mush. I’ve also met some really great people. I’m not one for public displays of affection in any form so I’ll leave it at that, but know that I really mean it.

The biggest reflection for me though is what great timing this all was. I know that if I’d come to SCA a couple of years ago I would be in a completely different mindset. I’d worry about every deadline, every crit. It’s not like I’m finding it a breeze, but I have those years in work to look back at and remember that, yes, it matters, but it’s supposed to be fun and I intend on keeping fun at the forefront of my mind.

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