You must have fun or die – By @orla27marie

Orla O'Connor

By Orla O’Connor


You must have fun or die 

You must have fun. That’s what we keep being told. Have fun or else your work suffers. Work hard but have fun. You’re all still doing shit but have fun. This is what we keep being told the last few week and having fun is a lot of pressure. Those thoughts are not the kind you normally associate with having a fun time.

Last brief we were an hour from the end of Friday and had nothing. My partner was still trying to have fun and play. This nearly drove me mental. After a chat with Marc we finally got a strategy we could work with and have fun with. After reflecting on the brief I realised I like working a little with instinct. I hate research. Doing a full week of research had screwed with my brain and I couldn’t see through all the essays on electric car efficiency that had occupied all the space in my entire brain.

The last 2 weeks I decided to change my tact a little. New partner, new brief, new outlook. We decided we weren’t allowed to google the product until a couple of days in. For the first few day we tried to find the product and work on writing down any and every hunch or theory we had about matzos. After that we googled any questions we had. Then even used the 6 thinking hats.

Shockingly we had fun. We made posh character of ourselves. Our posh spirit animal is a salmon. we got panicked yesterday after speaking to mentors that our strategy wasn’t strong enough. And instead of spending the day freaking out we decided to ignore the impending deadline and go for a little trip to the Saatchi Gallery. On the way there and back we sorted our entire strategy and had 3 fairly solid ideas we could interrogate further.  Proving fun is way more productive than freaking out providing the freak out come earlier than an hour before the end of Friday.  

I guess what I am trying to tell you all is that there is a time and a place for playfulness.  I am slowly working out where that is.  And as for working out the elusive process I’m not there yet but it feels like I’m well on my way to finding out what that is too.  

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