Your Moment of Change

Why does a person experience change? When you think of it, there could be many ways that this could happen. A trauma, an accomplishment, getting rid of something or adopting something new. I guess we can say that it depends on the person and what they choose to digest to trigger that change. Of course, that moment of change can often be unavoidable, unplanned and surprising. In my case that was the moment I started SCA. I was at a point in my life where I had it coming. The reason I decided to talk about such a broad topic which is change, is because it is amazing when you realise the effects of it in your daily life.

I’m a normal person like everybody else. I digest the content every regular person my age digests. I go through Instagram a few times a day. I watch the trending Netflix shows, even though they are not the best shows. Before, looking at all these different types of content didn’t mean anything to me. I just liked it, found it mediocre or hated it. I wanted to talk about the change of perspective that I started to gain, after my first few weeks here at SCA. I’m much more criticizing when it comes to the content I digest, even if it’s just a simple Instagram post. I think to myself, what does this colour scheme mean? What is that logo placement trying to say to me? Why is an ad for an upcoming clothing line using this format? I started to believe in a quote that keeps coming up during my time here at SCA. ”Every pixel should have a purpose”. I think that this quote will stick with me forever. I used to do creativity just for the sake of it. I gave my actions empty purposes, such as something like the sequence of lines looking satisfying while creating a drawing. Now, when I see something that doesn’t seem right to me, I want to change it and give it my creative touch.

This brings me to an interesting experience that occurred recently. I was having one of my regular Instagram scrolls when I saw that one of my friends from pre-school launched a techno event organization, which was the side hustle that he decided to pursue with a couple of his friends. They were pretty serious about it and they just had their first event. I called him as soon as I saw their Instagram posts which were a poster, a logo and some copy with the information. I said to him how serious are you about this Project and he said that they were pretty serious, so then I told him that they really should change those shitty posters and logos they put up on Instagram if you’re that serious about this. That’s when I landed a job as an art director for their techno event organisation. He told me that he would pay me if I helped them full-time. But the deal I made with him was that I would help them when needed, without getting any pay because what I wanted to get out of this experience was some training for what was to come at SCA.

So, what I really wanted to express with this story is that SCA is already having a huge impact on my life. I’m doing things that the old Ali would never even bother and I know that it’s just gonna go uphill from now on if I put in the work and enjoy the work. The logo above is the logo they had before and the two below is my work in progress.


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