Your soundtrack to D&AD results – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

Your soundtrack to D&AD results


D&AD New Blood broke a lot of us. Perhaps it made a few of us too. The shortlist of winners has just been shared and the school was lucky enough to have 7 amazing entries in the list of winners. That’s 7 pencils coming our way. Bravo! Here we choose a song to communicate our feelings on how we did as teams or as a school.


₴₳₱ⱧłⱤɆ: ₥₳ĐØ₦₦₳ – Ⱡł₭Ɇ ₳ VłⱤ₲ł₦


Ruby: I’m So Proud of You – The Three Tones


Josie – Icona Pop & Charli XCX – I Love It (I Don’t Care) 🙂


Forrest –  Young Folks – Peter Bjorn


Lucy and Lauren: Ariana Grande – thank u, next 😉


Phil: Death Grips – Giving Bad People Good Ideas


Andy: It Doesn’t Matter – Wyclef ft. The Rock & Melky Sedeck


Jacob: – Crystal Meffin – MC DEVVO M8


Tom: Dan Auerbach-King of a one horse town.


Dan: To Whom Respect is Due – Asher Senator


Joe R: Well Done – IDLES


Antonio: Vultures – John Mayer


Mary: Let’s Dance –

David Bowie


Karolina: Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


Joe F: Numb – Linkin Park


Vic: Groove is in the heart – Deee-lite


Charles: Bad Brains – Sailin’ On

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